Talsa, meat processing machinery

meat processing machinery

Talsa Innovative Company

An example of a company with over 100 years antiquity and more than 80 years in the same sector, which thanks to innovation has known how to get ahead of its competitors, is undoubtedly Talsa, Talsabell, S.A.

Talsa is a manufacturer, a world leader, in machinery for the meat industry, industrial machinery for pork butchery, sausages and cured meats.

Ongoing investment in research, development and innovation has made Talsa a recognised name at worldwide level in the manufacture of medium capacity machinery for the meat industry.

The “secrets” of the success of this company are focussed on:

  • Knowledge of the global meat industry market, based on ongoing study of same and their extensive experience.
  • A great team of professionals leading the company, in both technological and commercial fields.
  • Ongoing research work for the improvement of their industrial machinery, both in terms of optimizing their manufacturing processes, as well as the quality and performance of their products.
  • Personalised, highly qualified customer service.
  • After-sales service of the highest quality.

An example of all this can be seen in their Website, produced in six different languages and which demonstrates Talsa’s interest in providing a personalised services to their clients, with full product information. The website has a private area specifically for their clients, where they can place orders and access other services both easily and expeditiously.

Becoming a global benchmark in the manufacture of machinery for the meat and sausage industry and industrial machinery for pork butchery and cured meats was the goal the management team at Talsa set themselves from the very beginning.

All the machinery manufactured by Talsa complies with demanding European health and safety standards, having obtained recognition from the Chamber of Commerce of Valencia (Spain) with an Export Award.

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