New website Talsa

Talsa renews its website

Talsa renews its website

Website responsive

Talsa, european leading manufacturer of machinery for the meat and food industry, has updated its Web page, with a 100% responsive design.

Talsa is not only a reference in Research, Development and Innovation (R+D+i) applied to the manufacturing and production of machinery for the meat and food industry, but it is also an example of a company that applies Information and Communication technologies, not only in the administrative area, but also in the design and development of prototypes for its assembly line, its customer service and technical support as well as its marketing campaign.

An example of this is the updating and renewal Talsa just made, of its corporate web page. It integrates the latest technological advances in adaptability to all mobile devices, being a totally responsive Web page that passes Google’s tests. The web design and programming has been executed by Aitana Multimedia.

The most important aspect of its new Web page is the effort being made to display with the highest possible level of detail its wide assortment of machinery for the meat and meat product industry. It has great profusion of close-ups photographs of its product line, fillers – stuffers, mixers, mincers – grinders, cutters, cookers – kettles,  where the level of the finish and quality of its products can be appreciated. The new Web page also offers complete technical information of each product available online and further information can be obtained by downloading the catalogues.

An important feature of Talsa’s Web page is a special access to registered distributors through which, and with a private and personalized access, they have a powerful online instrument for order processing and technical support.

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