Positioning through Social Media – Talsa

Positioning through Social Media |Talsa

Talsa, a manufacturer of machinery for the meat and meat processing industry.

It is positioned in Social Networks

In order to illustrate how to create a company page in each one of the principal social networking services, we are going to use Talsa as an example. Talsa is a manufacturer and exporter of machinery for the meat and meat processing industry, which has decided to have social media presence.


To create a company page in Facebook, we first need to have a personal profile. Through this profile we can create the page. It is very important to fill every configuration section of the company’s page:

  • Company’s logo.
  • Banner.
  • Company’s description.
  • Mailing address.
  • Telephone.
  • Link to the corporate website.

As an example, we can review Talsa’s Facebook page.


We don’t need to have a personal profile in Twitter to create a company page. To do so, we need to provide the same data as before, but it is also important to begin following Twitter users, in order to establish a minimum of “following” and “followers”.

As an example, we can examine Talsa’s page in Twitter.


In LinkedIn, we also have to generate a personal profile in order to create the company page.

A good example is the Talsa’s LinkedIn page.


One of the most important social networking services is, without a doubt, YouTube. But we need to have videos to upload.

In this case, we need to register in Google + with a personal profile to create a video channel in YouTube.

We can see Talsa’s YouTube video channel as an example.

Google +

There is little to add to this social network, well known by all our users.

We can review Talsa’s Google + page, as an example.

We hope the abovementioned examples are useful to our readers.

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