manufacturer of machinery for the meat industry


Talsa, as a manufacturer of machinery for the meat industry and a worldwide distributor, has seen its exports decrease due to the pandemic.

Despite all this, and in the midst of the health crisis, Talsa has just launched a new machine on the market, the result of its permanent improvement and innovation work to exceed its own expectations.

The food sector plays an important role both for its social and economic work as well as for having a knock-on effect on other activities.

The impact on the economy of the COVID-19 pandemic has not left any sector indifferent, all of them being affected to a greater or lesser extent. The hotel industry has been one of the most affected. This has also resulted in a decline in orders thus having an impact in production, companies and workers.

It is necessary, while the health issue is being addressed, to promote measures to continue activities and counter the great economic crisis.

Measures would necessarily have to affect taxation in addition to the economy, promote employment and consumption, export support measures and industrial sustainability, as well as innovation.

In its trajectory, Talsa has continued to innovate and has not given up when facing difficulties. Although institutional export support is essential for Spanish companies to take a place in the market they deserve, the importance of business constancy for the development and progress of companies is paramount.

Another thing that needs to be understood for the advancement of our companies is the need for digitization. To understand that the relationship with the outside world, with suppliers and customers, the distribution and marketing of products or articles necessarily passes through the digital world.

At Talsa, they are continuously improving both their machines and their distributors platform so that the orders and the company management comply with the required immediacy.