Mincer Talsa


Within the range of medium capacity machinery for the meat industry in the Talsa range, we have mincers/grinders. Today we will talk about them, although in reality the complete catalog covers everything from a stuffer, a mixer, a cutter, a kettle and a chopper. Machines necessary in a butcher shop to make sausages and their subsequent sale mainly.

Talsa mincers are completed with 6 Powerful models, 3 Free Standing Models and 3m Table Models

Outstanding features

  • Large filling tray with hand protection
  • Completely made of stainless Steel

Advantages at a glance

  • Complete mincing head made of high-quality stainless steel in microfusion quality.
  • Removable mincing head: no transmission of motor heat – best cutting results

Cutting Systems

Available cutting systems for the best results depending on your product:

  • Enterprise (single cut)
  • Unger 2 (single cut)
  • Unger 3 (double cut)
  • Unger 5 (quadruple cut)

High quality knives & plates

Talsa meat mincers are equipped as standard with knives and plates made of special carbon steel of the highest strength and durability from German brand Lumbeck&Wolter.

This material is characterised by significantly lower wear and tear, which prolongs the service life of the knives and plates and prevents contamination of the meat by abrasion of metal particles as with soft stainless steel alloys.

Extraordinarily robust motor-gear unit

  • High performance and energy efficiency, quieter and less heat generation.
  • With overheating protection.
  • Rugged gearbox made of steel, with oil bath.
  • Automatic safety switch made by Merz Germany.

Talsa has a demanding management system, from research, through production, professional distribution, transportation, maintenance… with immediate attention at any point to meet orders and spare parts. He knows that his success lies in not neglecting any area and in good planning to respond immediately. This is demonstrated by its presence in more than 60 countries where it is strengthening its sales.