Automatic Hydraulic FP30 Talsa


One of TALSA’s latest creations is its FP30 automatic filler.

It is a 30L piston filler with digital portioner, funnel twister option and motorized human hand, the latest generation machine from the TALSA family.

If resilience is a new term imposed to face adverse situations on a personal level, it is also the same at the business level.

Organizational resilience is the company’s ability to adapt to new trends and it is essential to adopt measures to achieve this.

To do this, it is essential to create a brand within the company itself, that is, that the TALSA commandments are the hallmark of Management and all its workers in all departments of the company.

Teams must collaborate to achieve the common goal through creativity and flexibility within the created framework.

Regarding TALSA’s activity, which is the manufacture of machines for the meat industry, a lot of work is done on forecasting and this is one of the aspects that Talsa takes advantage of to improve itself, for this the data is important and very relevant when it comes to to go in search of improvement.

It is about possessing and transmitting ethical values, creating a company little by little to project a long-term vision.

Talsa has known how to do it and has clients all over the world.

It works with the best suppliers and materials to offer the best product, a commitment made to go hand in hand with technology to offer the most advanced machines that are permanently updated.


The new FP 30 filler is Talsa’s novelty, managed entirely digitally using  Advanced IO-Link and Internal Communications for precise portioning.

FP30 all in one 

. Mortise

. Portion

. Twist

. Motorized man’s hand

The machine has a capacity of 30 L. allowing the production of medium or small batches without waste and a quick product change.

A very fast machine that can produce up to 300 portions per minute, with a robust construction and easy cleaning thanks to its smooth surfaces, without stainless steel corners, the entire external and internal bench, all possible screws and components, and complying with the regulations regarding to hygiene.

Advantages at a glance 

• Various assistance systems help the user find the most efficient path to obtain the desired product

.• Intuitive calibration system to produce portions of exact weight in relation to the density of the product

• Clear visual indication of remaining product• Batch/total number and weight counters.

 Filling process

• 3 working modes: single fill, portion and twist/twist

• Processes natural, collagen or synthetic casings

• Single or continuous operation, programmable number of portions with automatic stop

.• Programmable filling stop• Portions from 5 g to 25 kg, very precise

• Very fast, up to 350 portions per minute

• Optional connection to external clipping machineSoftware

• Control panel with large 15” Schneider digital touch screen, all information displayed simultaneously and large.

• Very extensive information on controls, alarms, errors, diagnostics, instruction manual

.• Very advanced and practical software with numerous options, intuitive, easy to use

• Interactive recipes, can be stored and executed directly on the screen.

Talsa has been manufacturing hydraulic fillers for 85 years and has 120 years of industrial experience in machinery, selling and distributing in more than 65 countries.

This, without a doubt, is the fruit of all good know-how and a careful business and commercial vision.