A picture is worth a thousand words.

Looking at the image of the TALSA machinery manufacturing facility for the meat industry, we guess the character and qualities of its owner and director

.It would be too much to say that you are working in a clean and orderly environment where your workers do not notice stress?

Without a doubt, working with clean materials helps, but the Talsa factory gives a feeling of spaciousness, organization and security at a glance.

Since its 100 years of existence, Talsa is in the fourth generation that has taken the reins of its production, establishing a logistics team in all areas of the company, making its manager a successful businessman.

An important aspect of developing a good business attitude is to move forward over time, not to fall behind because it is difficult to catch up later.

Technologies help us along the way to be in contact with reality and it is necessary to learn them, in this way everything becomes much easier and more extraordinary, while at the same time setting an example for others.

Establishing a discipline for yourself is essential to convince others that it is the only way to achieve your goals.

Ethics, of course, is a value in the businessman because it establishes good communication with all the company’s operators, who feel the need to reciprocate through trust.

And working with passion means not disregarding any aspect and respecting the rules for everyone.

Nowadays everything is based on the economic impact, and that is what we work for, but it is not necessary to count on past or prevailing abuses in some companies to achieve economic success.

Business innovation contributes to being more efficient and competitive; it is important to respond to customers with improvements or new proposals.

Being at the head of our own company requires courage and effort, but the challenge is to provide differentiation from the competition and increase profits.

Talsa is continually innovating incrementally with its new machines, with more revolutionary and at the same time easier-to-use systems, and with equally commercial and organizational innovation.

Its commitments are published on its website where they are explicitly stated for the information of its clients and users.