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Talsa, meat industry machinery


Talsa is a manufacturer of medium-capacity machinery for the meat industry specialized in the manufacture of machinery for cold meats.

Having a quality product makes it much easier when launching into foreign trade and Talsa, additionally, has a distribution network for its machines all over the world.

Its success is based especially on knowing how to combine tradition with modernity, the initial entrepreneurial spirit with experience, the commercial vision and the obligatory use of new technologies and management.

Talsa has managed to sneak into the international market taking good advantage of its strengths and abandoning a very Spanish tendency such as relying on luck.

Training is part of its corporate culture, but Talsa knows perfectly well that a curriculum is but a pillar and with only one pillar a project cannot be sustained.  A failure in American culture means learning for a new beginning, a boost to the final career. In Spain, this is considered a defeat. Perhaps also because we tend to copy, except in those cases where the basis given by training sustains the experience and knowledge of the market and business culture.

To know a market, you have to know not only the legislation, but the customs and characteristics of its people, which also give us the keys to both successes and failures. The punctuality so forgotten here in our country, the use of the distinctive title and the tedious meetings scheduled on a random basis, are not necessary for example in Germany. They do not worship studies, these being the culmination after the ability to work and experience. They appreciate honesty, knowing how to get to the point and knowing how to listen, as well as order, ecology … all this determines a character and also the cult of companies.

Traveling opens our eyes because we tend to become vitiated by what surrounds us and, in this sense, companies must open themselves, if not to international markets, to the knowledge of the procedures in other countries in order to be able to develop a global character that enriches them.

Any business done with a company taking the role of the user leaves a lasting impression on the client regarding both quality and service.

Reliability and commitment of companies with management and with clients make a lasting impression, and at the end, is what differentiates a leading company.

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Technological innovation is an improved product or service and for this reason its process also had to be innovated. The desire for companies to excel is turning them increasingly competitive and the way it leads to this innovation is the investment in cutting-edge machinery and the adaptation of companies to the technological requirements implemented in all its areas.

Technology is born from needs and the overcoming of practical problems, so an industry that constantly watches over improvement for the satisfaction of its customers will be an innovative company and surely it will also be a company with leadership.

Talsa is a company that manufactures machinery of medium capacity for the meat product industry and is an example of innovation.

The quality of its products comes from far back and Talsa, nowadays, is a reference company in the world market. Its progress and its position in the market is not the result of chance but the increase in quality and a management that in the effort to overcome existing versions of a product requires continuous innovation. But Talsa also innovates in the process, increasing the final value by optimizing costs and time, in addition to innovating in management by systematizing operations, controlling quality, safety and hygiene at work. Also modifying the ways of relating with others, customers and suppliers, facilitating the relationship with service strategies.

Technology companies do not stick to having a neon sign at the door and a sales space exclusively, but arise from restless minds that try to improve day by day; they know how to choose the moment and overcome the small inconveniences to give solutions that result in quality improvement and sometimes also in time saving.

The logo, product marketing, assistance to international fairs, etc … produce an innovation in marketing, innovation in organization managing knowledge, human resources. Engineering together with innovation in the production process and innovation in the product are the basis of innovative companies.

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Talsa is a manufacturer of medium range machinery for the meat industry offering fillers, mixers, mincers, cutters and cookers. Their machinery has been widely recognized for their competitive price and quality, becoming a world reference. 

One of Talsa’s strong points is its commitment to innovation and a meticulous management regarding all kinds of requests, spare parts, emails to its distributors, etc. guaranteeing immediate answer 365 days a year.

The delivery of their machinery around the globe is done through regular delivery methods, and for urgent deliveries it relies on TNT Express Courier. This is also used for the delivery of spare parts if needed, although their machines barely ever need them. This express delivery method provides an additional bonus to their services, that together with their stock allows them to guarantee deliveries from one day to the other.  

For an immediate delivery to be possible, Talsa keeps in constant communication with its distributors.

Quality, operational safety and hygiene are the base for the constant updates on their machinery and a non-stop effort in collaboration with its distributors. Talsa’s engineers also count on the company’s support providing the latest technical resources and computer-based advances in equipment and 3D computer programs.

Talsa has currently made public its new website in English and soon it will be available in other languages. Their distributors, through an area exclusively designed for them, are in constant communication with the company, being able to place orders through an interactive part-by-part visual system that speeds up orders and their delivery.

Talsa’s professional distribution is possible in over 60 countries through its agents, to guarantee the installation of their machinery by experts ensuring their proper functioning for years.

The lack of complex programming and their standard electric and industrial parts speak for their reliability.  
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Machinery for the Food Industry.

Food Processing Machinery.

Talsa, Talsabell.

Talsa is a world leading company in the export of machinery for the food and food processing industry. Since its beginnings in 1900, four generations have worked hard to consolidate the brand and make it a synonym of quality. The range of Talsa CE machinery meets all European safety and health standards.

Talsa has always been concerned for excellence, which reflects in the machinery’s finish and technical details. A good management is very important to its executives, who supervise all departments following an ethic code of conduct at work and spreading this vision within their teams.

It is very important that they all become imbued with this code: managers, executives, employees, providers, distributors, clients, etc., in order to guarantee and balance all interests of the stakeholders.

You cannot obtain a good product without an ethical foundation to operate and implement new ideas while keeping high standards during the entire process, in order to offer the best possible image of the company and the end product. The product sells, but the added value is the result of good management. It is important to also take care of the product packaging in order to protect a very special part of it: an honest and responsible work.

To safeguard this, we have a carefully chosen distributors chain for our machines for the food industry that sell all over the world. It does not only takes care of selling the product, but also offers the added value of installation, technical support and maintenance.

Accuracy and honesty are extremely important to Talsa. These values are set in all internal and external control and management systems.

All of Talsa’s machinery for the food industry: mixers, fillers/stuffers, mincers/grinders, cutters, etc., offer high Quality Control standards, as a result of consulting the CE Quality Control and being certified by various European organisms.

Meat Mixers – Talsa


Meat Mixers

Talsa is a world leader manufacturer of machinery for the meat industry and one its leading products is the mixer.

It sells exclusively through their distributors; therefore, guaranteeing a serious sales process and complete technical support. One aspect that characterizes this company is the scrupulous attention to detail during the manufacturing process and their well-researched and certified sales methodology. Thus, ensuring the proper installation of their machinery and maintenance of their products by authorized Talsa professionals.

If you know Talsa, you know we are talking about warranty and quality and meeting all necessary norms. It is not about meeting the standard, but fully complying with it.

The mixer is one of its well-known and most demanded products. Made entirely of stainless steel with one or two motors, envisioned and developed to be completely safe to use to avoid accidents and optimize performance. With a perfect finish and available in two presentations: economy and professional.

Characteristics of Talsa’s mixers:

  • Made entirely of stainless steel.
  • Exclusive patented dual armed system: while one arm stirs the product from the bottom to the top of the bowl, the other arm simultaneously stirs it from the top to the bottom, thus reducing the mixing time.
  • The mixture does not rub against the bowl.
  • Pneumatically assisted opening head. Auto-stop when head is raised.
  • Tilting bowl for easy cleaning.
  • Resistant transparent cover with holes for adding mixture. Sealed base.
  • Wheels for easy movement.

The best choice!