Talsa is a company dedicated to the manufacture of machinery for the meat industry, specifically the sausage industry.

A manufacturer with years of experience that provides service throughout the world through its distributors.

Talsa is a modern company that has always known how to be on the side of new technologies and with a very good commercial vision for its products (medium capacity machinery for the meat industry).

With more than 100 years of experience, it has known how to face all the challenges of a large firm, with all the values necessary to become a world leader.

It has improved and continues to improve all the details of both production, since its machines are constantly improved, and administrative and commercial improvements that have led it to always adapt to market demands and comply with European safety and hygiene standards, verified by Organizations.

CE quality control verification and advice. Through its website it offers an open screen of its industrial journey, publicizing its facilities and its commitments, at the same time as offering its distributors direct access to the factory. TALSA DISTRIBUTORS Talsa distributors are professionals dedicated exclusively to the sale of Talsa machines and spare parts.

On the website they have a specific application for ordering very advanced spare parts, where the machines are shown with the references of their parts in the drawing so that with just one click you can go to the order form.

Very easy to use and very visual so as not to make a mistake in the request. Although the machines hardly require spare parts, they are sent every working day of the year if the order is picked up before 5pm, having a permanent Stock.

Orders are served in just 1 or 2 business days, even during holiday periods. Their high-capacity machines are delivered in very short terms, only 1 or two weeks, being the fastest in the industry.

TALSA MACHINERY TRANSPORTATION They are shipped by regular transportation (truck, ship, air cargo) to any part of the world by renowned agents with whom they work regularly. Talsa distributes its machines to more than 60 countries through a network of direct agents that guarantee installation and commissioning.

With Talsa, a client can feel secure in the attention provided by the firm with a current, robust and reliable product and best of all, a competitive price.

We are currently experiencing a considerable cut in customer service.

We see how there is more and more talk about artificial intelligence, which applied in certain fields can be a considerable advance, but in its name, customer service is being neglected, so important that in the end it is what makes us loyal, to the brand.

That attention that is provided for information, attention, advice and then rigorous delivery times and services that leave a client satisfied knowing that behind all of this there is a human team at their service.