Talsa merry christmas


At Talsa we thank all our suppliers, collaborators, distributors and customers for the trust placed in our brand for another year.

We have grown again and we can be proud of having once again achieved the objectives that are the dream of being able to continue building machines for our clients with honesty and rigor.

That all departments of the company, Management, Administration; R&D&I, Quality, and our production chain, as well as all collaborators, can be happy and satisfied with the work done and the achievements achieved.

These holidays are the culmination of an entire year’s work, it is also when the business and personal worlds come together and relationships become more human, when we look around us and the world, sometimes with a certain frivolity.

This year we have won and from our well-being we have not fully realized the fragility of the word lose, losing a dream, losing a home, losing a family member, a friend, a child, losing everything, losing PEACE.

With this dream of true PEACE, Talsa wishes you a true and profound celebration of Christmas and a happy entry into the new year 2024.