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A world leading company in the manufacture of quality medium-capacity machinery for the sausage industry, it is undoubtedly a company with leadership and teamwork.

Having a current vision of things and an open mind, as well as creativity, will surely help create a progressive company management towards excellence.

With 100 years of industrial experience, TALSA is recognized in more than 60 countries thanks to the demand for professional ethics that its management has been able to implement in true work teams.

The correlation of all your business areas is under the guideline of motivation. Without it, it is not possible to excite and motivate the teams.

Talsa workers have been rigorously selected according to professional but also human criteria to form cooperative work teams, and who feel a clear belonging to the TALSA family.

From the company’s board of directors, safety must take precedence to achieve good quality control in terms of production.

The role of every leader is to generate fluid communication where the purpose is to listen to everyone, and for the group to be participatory, with the aim of continuous improvement in the company.

Broad-mindedness is important because when faced with a bad idea you have to see the possibility of finding a good one, so motivation is none other than the teams feeling useful to increase the effectiveness of the group and thus achieve better performance.

It is important to understand that everyone is part of a mechanism with needs and the company must know how to reward performance.

If the commitment on both sides is firm, it is surely because there is a true work group or team.

We cannot ignore the business skills of TALSA, typical of an entrepreneur such as:

– Thinking that money is a means to an end

– Being able to not be blocked by uncertainty

– Know how to be a good communicator and know how to be useful to others

– Take advantage of criticism and failure to progress

– Nonconformity makes you improve what you have already achieved, always thinking about excellence

.- Innovative thinking, thinking also open to new technologies

– Enthusiasm, positivity to overcome difficulties

– Assertiveness, to express oneself firmly and respectfully

– Patience, to wait for the expected resultTo transcend teamwork, a good businessman must know how to listen to make the best decisions, since interpersonal relationships must be taken care of for good negotiation, knowing how to attract and maintain his professionals, etc…

TALSA has been able to instill all these values ​​in its ethical code recognized by the entire company, suppliers and clients.



Talsa Distributors is the application that Talsa has commissioned from Aitana Multimedia to resolve online orders.

The development and programming is completely tailor-made, meeting the specifications entrusted by the client, whose functionalities, so specific, are unique and require a specific implementation not found in other commercial CMS.

Talsa has always been a meticulous and rigorous company in everything it does, it has always known how to bet on new technologies and is aware of all technological developments.Its industrial machines for the meat sector, together with its brand, is a world leader in the manufacture of medium-capacity machines for the sausage industry.

. Fillers

. Mixers

. Mincers

. Cutters

. Kookers

He has always been attentive to the design, both of his machines and also of the website that this application uses to automate these tasks.repetitive tasks that can lead to errors, such as ordering parts for your machines.

Talsa distributors, spread all over the world, had to have a means for requesting orders that met the usability criteria, that was fast and efficient.

Through private access to distributors from the web, they can download documentation of interest, always updated catalogues, rates, and most importantly “place interactive orders” for the parts of their machines

The application shows an image of the machine with the parts identified with its code and just by clicking on the part in question, add them to the shopping cart from where you can see the amount, weight, characteristics, as well as a real image Of the piece.

The process is not closed and improvements are continually made, also incorporating new functionalities, year after year.The application is also multi-language, six to be exact: Spanish, French, English, German, Italian and Dutch.

The ordering process has made the work of all its distributors who are in charge of sales and maintenance of the machines easier by requesting spare parts.

Later, Talsa has been in charge of having logistics according to the quality of the product it sells.The transportation of the parts by any more convenient regular transportation (truck, baroque, air cargo) through recognized agents guarantees delivery and even for emergencies DHL Express Courier air transportation to any part of the world.

These agents in more than 60 countries ensure installation, commissioning and guaranteed technical service.These types of applications are very specific and are the result of the dedication of the company’s management and professionals to lead their factory to excellence.

– The company does not adapt to the application, the application adapts to the company-

– Solution developed according to the needs raised-

– Simple use, one of its objectives-

– Adapted to Tablets and mobiles-

– It has specific security measures-

– Live application being able to adapt new customer requirements.


Artificial intelligence




Artificial Intelligence in Industry is a scientific present with many branches where logic and computing will try to provide solutions to problems by learning from human behavior.

Philosophy and morality will become part of everything that happens and knowing that human behavior is based on good and evil, Artificial Intelligence will have a lot to do with the purpose and destiny of its creations.

But in the present, many of the projects regarded as science fiction in the past by writers who enriched some scientific sketches at the time are being executed, and today we are simply the present of the future. We are living in the future of all those visionaries of the past.

Mars’ satellites “Phobos” and “Deimos” were predicted by Jules Verne in “Gulliver’s Travels” written 150 years earlier and without optical devices.

Erich Fromm in his novel “Looking Back” written in 1888, warned that the citizens of the future would buy without money.  Today we are already using cards almost exclusively and the cell phone is used as an instrument of payment.

More famously, George Orwell in his work “1984” establishes a control system through communication to subdue society and prevent conspiracies, a parallel with today’s security cameras and espionage.

The metaverse is already a reality that we have seen in many fictional movies. It offers us the possibility of creating our own content where we can mix the real world and the virtual world in a single space.

It is already used in entertainment, education, art and culture, in science where experiments would be too expensive to carry out in real life, in tourism and finally in companies for training and promotion of products and services.

The industry does not escape Artificial Intelligence (AI). How does it help the industry?

Although it is in continuous development, AI is already a great support to the industrial sectors, providing better performance where it has been programmed in such a way that industrial accidents are reduced and human failure is impossible.

Another advantage is problem solving. Given the alternatives collected, the computer can make decisions in anticipation of the event, when previously this was done by monitoring or manual correction.

Quality systems are making considerable progress in this area, and with the so-called “artificial eyes”, imperfections in production lines can be detected, thus increasing safety.

This technology will undoubtedly increase production and performance in all sectors where it will be applied.

We are in a time of transition in which creative development with new technologies is leading to an accelerated race towards our future.


Medium capacity sausage fillers




Talsa is a worldwide manufacturer and distributor of medium capacity sausage stuffing machines, as well as other machines required for sausage production.

Sausages are those products prepared from a mixture of minced meat together with fats, salt, seasonings, spices and additives and then stuffed into a casing, either artificial or natural.

Sausage preparation arise from the need to preserve meat, taking into consideration, also, the climate of the region.

The raw material is of vital importance since it conditions the final quality. The origin can come from various species, but fundamentally pork and beef are used.

The animals must also be healthy and well fed and their transport must be adapted to the optimum welfare of the animal, complying with all current regulations.

Fatty raw materials include bacon and other non-meat raw materials are used, such as starch, flour, onion, rice, etc…

Salt, that was the first ingredient used to preserve meat, also adds flavor and helps to bind all the ingredients that are enriched with spices such as pepper, garlic, oregano, cinnamon… depending on the type of sausage.

After cutting and kneading, it is time for stuffing, which is done using stuffing machines, followed by other processes, or by drying.

Talsa has several models of hydraulic stuffers and different accessories.

Their medium capacity is ideal for use in butcheries, catering, etc…

Advantages at a Glance

  • 2 wheels and handle for easy transport. Optional 4 wheels adding 2 swivel casters.
  • Easily accessible speed control.
  • Pressure gauge.
  • Removable lid, adjustable lid lock nuts with handle.I
  • Independent hydraulic oil reservoir.
  • Thermal protected motor.
  • Automatic knee lever lock until the piston reaches the lower position.

Carefully designed for easy dismantling, allowing quick access to all components for maintenance and cleaning.

Outstanding Features

  • Robust stainless steel construction.
  • Lid and piston in solid s/s sheet of great thickness and resistance.
  • Round, mechanized barrel, internally grinded: perfect internal diameter and sealing.
  • Easily removable piston.
  • High pressure for dens and cold mixtures.
  • Automatic piston decompression. Instant stop of product flow.
  • Cylinder ram in stainless steel.
  • New lid and piston seals of low wear and long life.

“Hands-free”, knee activated automatic start/stop of motor by internal micro-switch and contactor within a water resistant electrical unit.

Benefits: less wear, less noise, reduced power consumption; lower operating temperature; longer life for oil, pump and hydraulic group.

Talsa has a wide range of sausage processing machinery in a complete catalog of constantly updated machines because that is one of its priorities.

The desire for constant improvement and attention to its distribution service has led Talsa to be considered a leading brand. It uses all the technological means at its disposal to keep the commercial and production chain closely linked, providing a delivery service in accordance with to requirements.

Its direct agents all over the world ensure installation and perfect operation with standard parts that are received immediately upon request, thanks to good web forms management and express delivery.

More than 100 years of industrial experience, from Tradition to Innovation.





Talsa is a manufacturer of machinery for the meat industry, its catalog of machines for the meat industry is extensive and among all of them, the star product is “the kneader”.

Talsa was founded in 1900 and today it has become a world leader in the food industry.

Who would say that that small mechanical workshop with an initial purpose of serving the electrical industry would end up becoming a reference company with an industrial structure, worthy of leadership.

No aspect has been neglected by this company that complies with all the regulatory requirements of quality and safety and hygiene, at national and European level.

More than 100 years of activity represent a good base that provides a great business experience. This experience is born of curiosity, of being aware of the latest developments in the sector and in having a broad view to be able to carry out all the changes from the knowledge and the value of implementing management systems in all departments in an efficient way.

Study, training and investment in R + D + i have been key to Talsa’s trajectory that has also been one of the first companies to join the bandwagon of new technologies.

This structured vision of the company has produced an orderly growth and has derived in the offer of an excellent service of an excellent product. Its machines are already distributed in more than 60 countries with a network of direct agents that ensure the installation, commissioning and guaranteed technical service, using standard electrical and industrial components, which gives these machines a high reliability.

The machines distributed by Talsa for the manufacture of sausages are of medium capacity, sold only through their distributors who are the ones who offer the technical assistance service.

From anywhere in the world, you can order a spare part. If your order arrives before 5 pm, it is served the same day, thanks to its permanent stock of thousands of common spare parts and its DHL Express Courier air transport.

The transport service for their machines is done through more convenient regular transport means, by truck, ship or air cargo, through agents with whom they have preferential agreements.

Constantly innovating to fulfill a desire to improve, they collaborate with their suppliers to update the materials for their machines.

The improvement of the machines’ safety and hygiene, quality and excellence is the constant impulse of the company.

It is not surprising that Talsa has become a reference company worldwide with its range of mincers, cutters, stuffers, cooking kettles and its star product, the kneader, of medium capacity for the meat industry.




Machines for the food industry must meet certain requirements in order not to alter the product and one of the most hygienic alternatives is the use of stainless steel.

Stainless steel is highly resistant to corrosion, it is a solid material and does not have an applied coating.

Many machines and appliances use stainless Steel. It is used, for example, in household appliances, the automotive industry, in construction, in jewelry manufacturing and especially in the chemical and food industry.

In the food industry, the risk of contamination is high, so the use of non-reactive materials is very important to achieve maximum quality. Stainless steel’s resistance to corrosion makes it a totally hygienic and easy to clean material.

Disinfection is important, the machines are watertight and there is no possibility of nooks and crannies where dirt can accumulate, which is why stainless steel is the best insulation material.

The entire range of Talsa machinery is made of this material:


– Mixers

– Mincers/Grinders

– Cutters/Choppers

– Cookers/Kettles

Robust stainless steel construction designed to allow easy access to all components and to facilitate maintenance and cleaning.

Talsa is a world leader in the manufacture of medium-capacity quality machinery for the meat processing industry, especially the pork and sausage industry.

Talsa machines have been developed using the latest technologies, complying with European safety and hygiene standards, in addition to all the commitments made by this company in terms of quality and excellence.

The updating of its machines represents a permanent effort to improve in constant collaboration with its suppliers. The aim of its engineers is to deliver a modern, robust and reliable result at a competitive price.

Its manufacturing times are almost immediate, its 6000 m2 factory houses its finished machines and components of all models and can serve medium and large capacity orders in record time.

Their DHL Express Courier air express service guarantees delivery anywhere in the world. Talsa machines require almost no spare parts and most of them are not essential for their operation. Nevertheless, Talsa has a spare parts delivery service every working day of the year.

Its distributors in more than 60 countries are Talsa’s distribution engine and are served instantly with a customized application for ordering parts.

Talsa takes quality, hygiene and safety seriously, with no detail overlooked in manufacturing.

Talsa’s catalog for the meat processing industry is composed of robust machines made of stainless steel materials that are simple, easy to operate, hygienic and easy to clean.



talsa sausage machine manufacturer


Talsa is a manufacturer of machinery for the meat industry and one of the values assumed by the company is Research, Development and Innovation (R&D&I).

Belonging to the meat industry sector, Talsa is a company with departments dedicated to research and innovation. This activity responds to a broader concept than only to have a physical site.

Research consists of expanding scientific knowledge, development manifests itself in the economic sense and innovation consists of creating or surpassing efficiency goals.

In this sense, Talsa has been able to establish a good management of all its departments to achieve improvement as a brand.

Its engineers, together with its suppliers, work with the most advanced 3D design programs in order to surpass in quality and safety its machine models and to have them fully updated.

Its Quality and Safety management guarantee the vision of an innovative company.

Precisely for this reason, the company has benefited on some occasions from aids to invest, in addition to the fact that the company is committed to technology of the latest generation.

Innovation and this technological change are essential for the development of the company itself and of the country, which results in the quality of life of its workers and of the population.

In 2020, Spain ranked 14th out of 27 European countries in innovation according to this classification:

– Leaders

– Strong

– Moderate

– Modest

We are in the group of countries with moderate innovation, so overcoming crises depends on the economic model chosen. Since ours is based on tourism and not so much on industrialization is, of course, more unstable.

The commitment to industrialization is important because it is more stable and does not depend so much on external factors.

Knowledge from research must reach the means of production and talent must be promoted and retained by protecting industrial and intellectual property.

Curricula adapted to companies needs and the digitalization imposed on us to keep up with technological advances and improve performance.

Our neighbour Portugal has been upgraded to the “Strong” category for its commitment to innovation, especially its SMEs that have innovated in product and process along with marketing and organization.

In Spain, new doctors, higher education, broadband and product sales, employment in high-growth companies, brand applications… are considered as higher values, although on the other hand, its negative performance with respect to Europe is due to opportunistic entrepreneurship, investment in R&D&I in the business sector, among others.

Perhaps we can overcome all our problems and gradually approach a more solid, sincere and stable model to climb the next step towards the goal of leadership.




There are machines for butchers such as the medium capacity meat fillers stuffers distributed by TALSA.

Talsa is a manufacturer of machines for the meat industry, especially for those establishments that manufacture sausages or for butcher shops.

Talsa has 4 models of stuffing machines of different capacities whose distinctive characteristics are common to all of them and all with the TALSA guarantee.

Outstanding Features

  • Robust stainless steel construction.
  • Lid and piston in solid s/s sheet of great thickness and resistance.
  • Round, mechanized barrel, internally grinded: perfect internal diameter and sealing.
  • Easily removable piston.
  • High pressure for dens and cold mixtures.
  • Automatic piston decompression. Instant stop of product flow.
  • Cylinder ram in stainless steel.
  • New lid and piston seals of low wear and long life.

“Hands-free”, knee activated automatic start/stop of motor by internal micro-switch and contactor within a water resistant electrical unit.

Benefits: less wear, less noise, reduced power consumption; lower operating temperature; longer life for oil, pump and hydraulic group.

Advantages at a Glance

  • 2 wheels and handle for easy transport. Optional 4 wheels adding 2 swivel casters.
  • Easily accessible speed control.
  • Pressure gauge.
  • Removable lid, adjustable lid lock nuts with handle.I
  • Independent hydraulic oil reservoir.
  • Thermal protected motor.
  • Automatic knee lever lock until the piston reaches the lower position.

Carefully designed for easy dismantling, allowing quick access to all components for maintenance and cleaning.

The machines have been designed to allow easy access to all their components and thus enable easy maintenance and cleaning.

On the Talsa website you have all the technical specifications of its machines and dimensions, including the packaging.

Talsa has different videos to show the operation of its machines in English, aimed at all those who are interested in their machines and all those who would like to distribute them.





We could define innovation in industry as the transformation of a new idea into an improved product or a new production system, its dissemination, marketing and use.

Talsa is committed to industrial innovation, and in this sense is a constant innovator. According to this definition, Talsa developed machines that succeeded for their simplicity. Talsa became a benchmark competitor, and it has been maintaining its leadership, thanks to its continuous research to bring its machines to the top.

Its managers and the entire team are convinced, and work together with collaborators and customers, to achieve excellence in a commitment to research on how to improve their medium-capacity machinery for the meat industry.

Both the pieces and mechanisms, the delivery, the after-sales service, orders and customer service are part of a way to be and to act so that the whole network works and progresses. We would say that it is the company policy.

On the other hand, the ideas and the R + D + i department gives shape to what later the production department with its specialized workers will carry out in orderly, clean and safe facilities. It is the Talsa seal.

All this is the result of a good management work that has also been very attentive to the motivation of all its employees, without sparing any resources. Talsa’s workers are satisfied and are also an asset for the company.

This constant innovation allows maintaining and even increasing the market share, securing a position, maintaining leadership and to open up to new emerging markets without any risk.

This innovation is a mark in our own country and brings satisfaction that our entrepreneurs also see their work recognized abroad.

Creativity is another important aspect when it comes to innovating. Having an open mind and adding really useful differential aspects leads to an efficient improvement of the product that often also answers the user’s needs that are observed and heard by the industrial entrepreneur.

Constant reinvention is an indispensable premise to progress in the business world.



Talsa has just released its Supreme Kneader-Mixers 2022. The star machine of this manufacturer incorporates new functionalities resulting from its continuous path towards excellence.

Its collaboration with the University of Valencia and its industrial suppliers bear fruit and these continuous research works result in the improvement of its machines for the food industry.

There are five machines with some different models that make up the Talsa catalogue and are essential for Spanish and international butchers.

  • Fillers
  • Kneaders
  • Choppers
  • Cutters
  • Kettles

All of them are medium capacity machines for the meat industry, all complementary to each other and all with a thorough quality control carried out by EC quality assurance and advisory bodies.

Quality is one of the values that has made Talsa a world leader in the food industry, due to the materials used, simple and safe handling and easy cleaning, among many other characteristics, resulting in a current and robust product at a fair price.

Its machines are sold all over the world. A

Another of its strengths is service, both in the delivery of the machines and the spare parts. The immediate attention to its distributors all over the world is a guarantee of good commercial management.

100 years of service to the meat industry are enough for a company born and raised in our country and with an export experience that has been secured thanks to the inheritance and good work of its managers and administrators.

Talsa facilities offer an image of cleanliness, security, and order that in plain sight already confirms all their leadership commitment.

Spain is a country of contrasts and opposites, there are many companies that have opted for new technologies since the beginning of the digital change. Some have always known how to be in the spotlight of the most innovative commercial demands, of image and of advertising with a know-how developed from the base and creating a solid network, understanding that the only way to be is walking towards the excellence and being competitive by taking certain risks.

Others, on the other hand, crouch down and grow with fear, little by little. The use of the internet, email, online shops, apps, etc., have not yet taken hold in this country that still interacts analogically for the most part.

Talsa has been able to provide through its website and in its dedicated access to its distributors a specific sales application very visual with expanded views of the different machines which facilitates ordering machines and their different parts.

One of its slogans is “Always innovating”.