A world leading company in the manufacture of quality medium-capacity machinery for the sausage industry, it is undoubtedly a company with leadership and teamwork.

Having a current vision of things and an open mind, as well as creativity, will surely help create a progressive company management towards excellence.

With 100 years of industrial experience, TALSA is recognized in more than 60 countries thanks to the demand for professional ethics that its management has been able to implement in true work teams.

The correlation of all your business areas is under the guideline of motivation. Without it, it is not possible to excite and motivate the teams.

Talsa workers have been rigorously selected according to professional but also human criteria to form cooperative work teams, and who feel a clear belonging to the TALSA family.

From the company’s board of directors, safety must take precedence to achieve good quality control in terms of production.

The role of every leader is to generate fluid communication where the purpose is to listen to everyone, and for the group to be participatory, with the aim of continuous improvement in the company.

Broad-mindedness is important because when faced with a bad idea you have to see the possibility of finding a good one, so motivation is none other than the teams feeling useful to increase the effectiveness of the group and thus achieve better performance.

It is important to understand that everyone is part of a mechanism with needs and the company must know how to reward performance.

If the commitment on both sides is firm, it is surely because there is a true work group or team.

We cannot ignore the business skills of TALSA, typical of an entrepreneur such as:

– Thinking that money is a means to an end

– Being able to not be blocked by uncertainty

– Know how to be a good communicator and know how to be useful to others

– Take advantage of criticism and failure to progress

– Nonconformity makes you improve what you have already achieved, always thinking about excellence

.- Innovative thinking, thinking also open to new technologies

– Enthusiasm, positivity to overcome difficulties

– Assertiveness, to express oneself firmly and respectfully

– Patience, to wait for the expected resultTo transcend teamwork, a good businessman must know how to listen to make the best decisions, since interpersonal relationships must be taken care of for good negotiation, knowing how to attract and maintain his professionals, etc…

TALSA has been able to instill all these values ​​in its ethical code recognized by the entire company, suppliers and clients.