Talsa is a manufacturer of machinery for the meat industry, its catalog of machines for the meat industry is extensive and among all of them, the star product is “the kneader”.

Talsa was founded in 1900 and today it has become a world leader in the food industry.

Who would say that that small mechanical workshop with an initial purpose of serving the electrical industry would end up becoming a reference company with an industrial structure, worthy of leadership.

No aspect has been neglected by this company that complies with all the regulatory requirements of quality and safety and hygiene, at national and European level.

More than 100 years of activity represent a good base that provides a great business experience. This experience is born of curiosity, of being aware of the latest developments in the sector and in having a broad view to be able to carry out all the changes from the knowledge and the value of implementing management systems in all departments in an efficient way.

Study, training and investment in R + D + i have been key to Talsa’s trajectory that has also been one of the first companies to join the bandwagon of new technologies.

This structured vision of the company has produced an orderly growth and has derived in the offer of an excellent service of an excellent product. Its machines are already distributed in more than 60 countries with a network of direct agents that ensure the installation, commissioning and guaranteed technical service, using standard electrical and industrial components, which gives these machines a high reliability.

The machines distributed by Talsa for the manufacture of sausages are of medium capacity, sold only through their distributors who are the ones who offer the technical assistance service.

From anywhere in the world, you can order a spare part. If your order arrives before 5 pm, it is served the same day, thanks to its permanent stock of thousands of common spare parts and its DHL Express Courier air transport.

The transport service for their machines is done through more convenient regular transport means, by truck, ship or air cargo, through agents with whom they have preferential agreements.

Constantly innovating to fulfill a desire to improve, they collaborate with their suppliers to update the materials for their machines.

The improvement of the machines’ safety and hygiene, quality and excellence is the constant impulse of the company.

It is not surprising that Talsa has become a reference company worldwide with its range of mincers, cutters, stuffers, cooking kettles and its star product, the kneader, of medium capacity for the meat industry.