Talsa Distributors is the application that Talsa has commissioned from Aitana Multimedia to resolve online orders.

The development and programming is completely tailor-made, meeting the specifications entrusted by the client, whose functionalities, so specific, are unique and require a specific implementation not found in other commercial CMS.

Talsa has always been a meticulous and rigorous company in everything it does, it has always known how to bet on new technologies and is aware of all technological developments.Its industrial machines for the meat sector, together with its brand, is a world leader in the manufacture of medium-capacity machines for the sausage industry.

. Fillers

. Mixers

. Mincers

. Cutters

. Kookers

He has always been attentive to the design, both of his machines and also of the website that this application uses to automate these tasks.repetitive tasks that can lead to errors, such as ordering parts for your machines.

Talsa distributors, spread all over the world, had to have a means for requesting orders that met the usability criteria, that was fast and efficient.

Through private access to distributors from the web, they can download documentation of interest, always updated catalogues, rates, and most importantly “place interactive orders” for the parts of their machines

The application shows an image of the machine with the parts identified with its code and just by clicking on the part in question, add them to the shopping cart from where you can see the amount, weight, characteristics, as well as a real image Of the piece.

The process is not closed and improvements are continually made, also incorporating new functionalities, year after year.The application is also multi-language, six to be exact: Spanish, French, English, German, Italian and Dutch.

The ordering process has made the work of all its distributors who are in charge of sales and maintenance of the machines easier by requesting spare parts.

Later, Talsa has been in charge of having logistics according to the quality of the product it sells.The transportation of the parts by any more convenient regular transportation (truck, baroque, air cargo) through recognized agents guarantees delivery and even for emergencies DHL Express Courier air transportation to any part of the world.

These agents in more than 60 countries ensure installation, commissioning and guaranteed technical service.These types of applications are very specific and are the result of the dedication of the company’s management and professionals to lead their factory to excellence.

– The company does not adapt to the application, the application adapts to the company-

– Solution developed according to the needs raised-

– Simple use, one of its objectives-

– Adapted to Tablets and mobiles-

– It has specific security measures-

– Live application being able to adapt new customer requirements.