Talsa wishes you happy Christmas holidays. Despite it being a custom already installed and assumed by all, these holidays are the ones that mark the end of a period and invite reflection for a new change of course.

People are invaded by a brotherly feeling, which, accompanied by all the media hype of advertising and campaigns, drags us to consumption during this time.

We are going through a very difficult time in terms of relationships and initiatives and although we have made progress, we still remember all those who left in 2020 and who will not be sitting at our tables anymore.  We are left with the memory of an extreme confinement that did not let us celebrate anything. Sadness has settled in society, and this year, despite it looking better, we cannot stop thinking about people, families, businesses, the wheel … that should not stop.

Our bars and restaurants host company lunches and dinners around this time. Everything is impregnated with the Christmas spirit where feelings arise and make us be more supportive than ever. When we believe we can change next year and also, of course, we overindulge with the food and wine.

Videoconferencing has replaced face-to-face work in many cases as well as customer visits; the screen has already become the most valuable work tool.

Still, there is a certain silence that is breathed with uncertainty. The telephones do not ring, many emails are not answered, disappointment and discouragement invades us because the virus reminds us that it is still among us, that we have not eliminated it. and we walk with uncertainty.

It is the moment that we have to live. Despite everything, we must not lose hope that we are getting closer to the solution. This is good time to reflect on where we are headed.

Climate change is alternately devastating cities and towns and the earth is sending us a warning for moderation and reflection.

From Talsa, we wish you a peaceful Christmas with joy and much prudence.