Talsa presents its range of Mixers 2022 Suprem

Talsa, market Leader in the Global Food Industry.

New models 2022 Suprem

The universal mixer: especially designed for meat and many other applications.

  • Classic design of mixing machine, emulating the turning of the human hands and arms.
  • Powerful “double-spoon” paddle that performs dual mixing at each turn: dough up & dough down, copying the manual human process of stirring and churning.
  • The diagonal attack angle of the mixing paddle hardly squeezes the dough against the bowl but rather mingles it gently with the same smooth dough.
  • New optimized attack angle of the mixing paddle, designed
    in collaboration with the fluids department of the Polytechnic University of Valencia.
  • Central bowl column in all models, acting as a divider, homogenizing the dough even more.
  • New bowl scraper in all models, removes possible adhesions on the side like spices, etc., returning it to the mixing zone, unifying all parts of the mixture.
  • Paddle is very easy to clean, without the need to disassemble.
  • The perfect traditional mixing that the meat and food sector demands.

Advantages at a glance

  • Reinforced, all stainless construction.
  • Pneumatically assisted rising of the machine head for effortless elevation and lowering.
  • Two s/s swivel casters with brake and two fixed wheels for easy movement.
  • Food approved plastic lid with holes for addition. Avoids contact of the operator with the paddle and prevents external contamination.
  • Powerful motors and strong gearboxes to easily mix even compact and cold mixtures.
  • 3-Phase motors with double voltage (permits changing the voltage).
  • Automatic stop when lifting the machine head.
  • Sealed & secure low voltage electric switchboxes.
  • Hermetically closed machine base prevents intrusion of water or dirt.
  • Easy cleaning due to the absence of hard to reach corners.
  • Bowl and paddle are folding to ease unloading and cleaning.
  • Hygienic control panel, IP55, with membrane push-buttons.

Machines designed to mix minced meat, but usable for many other food products.

Download catalog mixer models 2022 Suprem

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