Small meat cutters and choppers | Talsa

Small meat cutters and choppers | Talsa

Small meat cutters and choppers

For the meat industry


Talsa is a world leader manufacturer of medium-range machinery for the meat industry.

It offers a wide range of machinery like fillers, mincers, mixers, cookers and cutters.

On this article, we are going to talk about the latest, the meat cutters, the fabrication of which Talsa is a specialist.

Among this manufacturing line we can find three different types of cutters for the meat industry, these being:

Small cutters/ choppers

With dual-speed single motor machinery and a capacity for 15 and 30 liters.

Made of AISI304 stainless steel, they are machinery that stand out for being easy to clean, for their removable 3-knife head, folding plastic anti-noise cover and sealed base among other characteristics that separate them from the competition.

Electric industrial cutters

With two two-speed independent motors, 50 liters capacity, made of AISI304 stainless steel, standing out among other machinery by their interchangeable 6 knife heads with compensation rings to install three of them.

Electronic industrial cutters

With the same base characteristics of the other two, these cutters with 2-3 independent motors provide electronically variable high knife speeds of 1,000 and 4,000 rpm as well as a slow knife mixing speed.

On Talsa’s web page, more information on the characteristics of these cutters for the meat industry can be found together with all the different options offered for each one of them.

Talsa, with its more than 100-year history, is a world reference when it comes to the manufacturing of machinery for the meat and cold cuts industry.

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Fillers | Stuffers


A filler or stuffer is a machine used to compact cold mixtures for the production of different types of cold meats that can be fresh, cured or cooked.

TALSA is a european company producer of medium-range machinery for the food processing industry. It is present worldwide thanks to its consolidated exports and its distributor network, that ensures sales and maintenance and provides spare parts, giving so a guaranteeing this way the proper functioning of the machine.

In its machine range, the first machine it presents is the Hydraulic Fillers for 15,20,26,31,42 and 52 liters. They are made of stainless steel and can be either automatic or manual.

Talsa’s fillers work with dense or cold mixtures, its speed control lever located near the operator for a more precise adjustment. Release of the knee lever causes the double sealed piston to decompress and instantly stops the product flow. It also has wheels to ensure easy movement of the machine, automatic lid lock, pressure gauge and is easy to clean.

The manual portioning device is an accessory that fits on the end of the meat barrel with a lever in forward/backward positions in order to obtain consistent volume dosage for various mix thicknesses, such as Frankfurt sausages, pâté, foie-gras, salamis, etc. from 20 to 500g approximately.

A curved nozzle with a non-drip cutting valve may be optionally adapted permitting precision filling of tins and recipients

Among Talsa’s high-quality range of machinery we can also find mixers, grinders, cutters and cookers.

In its website you can watch videos on the functioning of their machinery. There is also access to an Intranet for distributors.

Talsa, more than 100 years of industrial experience certified by EC quality assurance and control bodies.

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Talsa, a capable and skilled company

Talsa, a capable and skilled company

Talsa, a capable and skilled company

Capable and skilled companies are those able to adapt to new technologies and to the demands originating from quality control and the environment, as well as the developing of an ethics code.

But, what does it mean to be capable? A capable person is that able to do something or reach certain goals because he/she has the necessary conditions to do so. The same happens to be valid for enterprises that put all resources needed at hand in order to reach their goals, no matter if they are small, medium or large companies.

Saying that a company has reached excellence is a bold thing to say, given that the business world changes and we need to adapt to it. However, excellence would be undoubtedly easier to those best equipped, meaning those who have established a well-thought plan where you may only need to adapt or change a few norms. It’s easier than drifting away by the circumstances. It’s about leading the ship instead of getting carried by it.

Once we have established a plan and everyone in the company knows their role and have the proper tools and the way is set, all is left to do is to start working for it.

If our brand is known and we are present in the market; if our marketing campaigns are sincere and transparent and we offer the best of ourselves, we have won trust.

Talsa is a company with a hundred year experience in the food processing industry, a manufacturer of medium-range machinery. Thanks to new technologies, Talsa can present all its machinery, pictures, catalogs as well as technical details and videos on its website. This is what we wanted to refer to today: Talsa’s machinery is a little work of art in stainless steel and as such the machines are shown in the video along with how they function, all details and finishes.

Talsa’s commitment to quality, its after-sales client service and its management is the base of the trust it has gained by all that know the company. A company that has gained worldwide recognition.

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Talsa, leader producer of machinery for the meat and cold cuts industry.

Update of the mixer machinery range.

Talsa, an European leader producer of machinery for the meat and cold cuts industry, has recently updated its range of mixers for the meat industry.

On Talsa’s web site, it’s already possible to download a PDF with all the information available on the characteristics of the new mixers. This information is presented in 6 languages: English, Dutch, French, German, Italian and Spanish.

Talsa’s mixers characterize themselves for their soft, homogenous and universal mixing, with new capacities of 30, 65, 80, 95, 165 and 275 liters, made entirely of stainless steel with an exclusive patented dual-armed paddle system.

They offer two models. The model E (economy, 1 motor) and the model P (professional, 2 motors), both offering different options like variable paddle speed. On Talsa’s web site, videos can be found as well as a picture gallery for more information.

Once more, Talsa commits itself to innovation and development, with a continuous investment on R+D+i, thus maintaining its worldwide leadership position as manufacturer of medium range machinery for the meat and cold cuts industry. Its presence in the most important international fairs of the sector, on social media as well as a very complete corporate web site, shows the public a transparent company, where information and customer service are an important part of its values.

Along with its line of mixers for the meat industry, the other machines should also be mentioned: fillers/stuffers, mincers/grinders, cutters and cookers/kettles, all of them produced with a high quality and technological level.



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The Talsa team wants to wish a happy holiday season to all of our providers and service providers, clients and, of course, to our faithful distributors, who year after year have shown our clients all the properties and qualities of our machinery for the meat industry. They have maintained constant contact with our clients and met all their needs and worries so any problem would find an immediate solution.

We leave behind many years of hard work to become what we are today. And ahead of us is our dream we will keep working for, to improve ourselves and provide year after year a better service for our clients worldwide.

As any other company with a constant and stable progression towards expansion in Europe and on the other side of the Atlantic, what Talsa expects is to maintain its reputation everywhere it sets foot on. Maintain the quality and beauty of its products, the robust but simple and elegant machinery, easy to handle and with preferential technical support around the globe.

Talsa keeps on the hard work to maintain its leadership on the market of medium-capacity machinery for the food processing industry, obtained after 100 years of dedication and industrial experience, 80 of which have been dedicated to food industry machinery. Their 3D designers continue to study new proposals for a future that promises innovation. Just like the new and recently improved logotype that reminded us of its importance.

We close our year happy to have exceeded our expected sales and knowing that we maintained a good management from our directive team to face all setbacks. We hope to continue on the same note of perseverance and monitoring next year.

Talsa wishes you a happy 2017.

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Talsa – new logo and catalog

Talsa – new logo and catalog

New Logo | New Catalog


Talsa has recently changed its logo. The family company started in 1900 and, since then, the industrial enterprise has been true to its image, always adapting to new times and changing its typography but always remaining faithful to its beginnings.

For many reasons changes are needed, and Talsa has changed and modernized all its catalogs in order to project a more solid and simple image of its elements. The new logo may not represent a drastic change. A very commonly used element in the industry has been used: the star has been changed for the blades, and the typology is more modern. However, its stamp remains just as the fiery red that represents the passion Talsa puts in its business, a color also representative of the meat industry.

Talsa is a company dedicated to the manufacturing of medium capacity machinery for the meat industry. Its mixers, stuffers, cutters, mincers and cookers are simple to the naked eye, manufactured in stainless steel, present the elegance of a job well done and a programming of all functions that exceed expectations. Both its economic and its professional line are studied for an easier handling, moving and use, they are designed for the strictly necessary and the aspects of cleanliness and safety are also taken into consideration.

The new catalogs are already uploaded on the web for users to consult all technical characteristics of its products.

Its expansion to the international market and the moment of technological transition we are living have been a good timing for these changes for an enterprise obsessed with always giving its best, on the best conditions, with quality and its customers always in mind. The company’s philosophy is the same and always present when producing the machinery and going hand in hand with technological developments that adapt to changing times.

In Talsa they do what they think and they think hard of what they do.

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Talsa – World Leader in the Food Industry

Talsa - World Leader in the Food Industry

Four generations of the Belloch family have led Talsa to become a leader in the industrial machinery production for the food industry, specifically for the food processing industry. Far from declining in quality, each generation has helped improve Talsa’s quality over and over again and reinforce their commitment to the brand. Since 1900, it has improved itself to innovate in all areas, never leaving aside a good management.  They have been able to combine all strategic areas for the proper functioning and coupling of all departments in order to create a successful infrastructure.

Having control over all departments is difficult to reach without a final global vision, since all parts involved in the interweaving of a company must settle on a common basis. Also, they must be provided with the best tools so the human resources in charge can develop their function as good as possible and are able to collaborate and work together with other departments smoothly. This way, the sales through their own distributors which are trained by the company, and their immediate response to technical support and parts replacement is fundamental to maintain a plagiarism-proof quality.

Steve Jobs had an personal concept: “think different”. Without doubts, Steve Jobs, whether we like him as a person or not, was a genius in his global vision of things, a visionary. And maybe the success of companies lays on this madness for work and concentration.

Talsa also works differently and this is one of its strengths, since the brand is supported by a marketing based on an own strategy.

Talsa distributes to over 60 countries with a network of direct commercial agents. Its industrial machinery filler/stuffers, mincers/grinders, cutters/choppers and cookers/kettles are quickly delivered, being these delivery times the shortest in the industry.


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Talsa – Leaders on machinery for the meat industry

Leaders on machinery for the meat industry


Making of machinery for the meat industry

In order to show excellency it is necessary to be competent, that is, having competence.

The adopted philosophy, its history, trajectory and commitment to quality values is what keeps a company on a visible spot and with expectations of expansion and renowned prestige.

Expansion is like an oil stain that spreads the good but also the bad. If a bad practice can lead to ruin, a good management together with good products can also expand potentially. Always starting small and then advancing, the echo of creative, innovative and leading companies rests on a solid base built on years of hard work and experience.

The development of a sales strategy is not a matter of days and it is reinforced by establishing strengths where there were once weaknesses.

Talsa is a European company and example of international leadership in the making of machinery for the meat industry, its leading product being the medium capacity mixer. Its catalog offers filler/stuffers, mincers/grinders, cutters/choppers and cookers/kettles only to distributors that endorse the company’s brand during the sales process and maintenance by additionally offering a permanent technical assistance service.

The American market could not resist and corroborates Talsa’s leadership in the international market. Talsa has been producing and exporting its machinery mostly slowly, with the soundness gained from 100 years industrial experience. Exporting requires meeting very strict quality control checks, and so, Talsa trusts all verification agencies and advice on quality control by the European Community.

And so, it consolidates in the market as a company that sells machinery that will not need almost any spare parts in the future.

All of these reasons make of Talsa a very competent company, with a well-defined course of action that differentiates it from the competition.

Meat processing machiney - sausage processing machineri | Talsa

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Talsa Operative in August

Talsa Operative in August

As August approaches, cities become desert and the labor market is affected by the arrival of the summer holidays. Most companies face a reduced employee workforce during the holidays in July and August and others must double theirs, especially in the tourism sector.

It is possible to feel the empty cities as the hot months approach, but something inside all companies stays connected to the real world: servers, computers, programs, the web, email services and WiFi. The latest was once considered the philosophers’ stone and has now become a common service in bars, restaurants, hotels, etc., allowing our companies and businesses to travel with us.

Nathan Rosenberg, a well-respected authority in the innovation, science and technology fields, already told us in a visit to Spain years ago that it was necessary to change our direction and develop new products to be incorporated in industrials processes, and to invest in higher education in order to develop complex technologies.

Now that we possess the common dissemination channels, all is left is to invest in the training and recruitment of this personnel so that Spanish enterprises become more competitive, and to invest in mathematical talents, engineers, computer scientist and telecommunications specialists.

Talsa is a company that has been wise enough to invest in I+D+i and has trusted high-performing professionals. It has so become a very influential company at an international level not only for its machinery for the meat industry, but also for its network system that connects all its distributors to remain aware of any needs their clients may present, and an actual commitment 365 days a year.

Talsa is a company that will make of Spain a competitive country.

Talsa | Meat processing machinery - sausage processing machinery

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Talsa in social networks

Talsa in social networks

Social Networks


Talsa is an european leading company in the manufacturing of medium capacity machinery for the meat industry and an example of an innovative company committed to technology that actively pursues an online marketing strategy through Social Media.

Talsa already counts with a corporate website in 6 languages on which an active policy of natural SEO positioning has developed for years. It focuses mainly on the positioning in English (its main language), German, French and Spanish.

Now, it aims to go further and expand its marketing strategy with the presence on the main Social Networks. To that end, it counts with the support of Aitana Multimedia, a specialist on online marketing.

The objectives pursued with the presence of Talsa on the main Social Networks are:

  1. Improve its online reputation.
  2. Gain direct contacts through Social Networks.
  3. Improve the SEO positioning of its corporate website by generating content linked directly to the main Networks.

Talsa’s presence focus mainly on the following Social Networks:

Facebook | Talsa

Twitter | Talsa

Linkedin | Talsa

Youtube | Talsa

Google+ | Talsa

Flickr | Talsa

Instagram | Talsa

In most cases, English has been chosen the official communication language given the company’s international projection.

Special emphasis has to be made on Talsa’s YouTube channel, with thousands of views and a great amount of high-quality videos on their range of medium-capacity machinery for the meat industry.

Talsa | Meat processing machiney

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