Talking about the excellence of a company is easy. Putting them on the web, as well. You only need to write a text and publish it. In fact, there are many companies that write about their virtues without putting into practice a single one of them, or don’t care about their coherence to how they actually think focusing solely on the production.

The values of a company should not be commandments to follow, but they should reflect the values one thinks should be part of their enterprise. A company’s policy is based on the values inherent to all departments as company’s culture. The road to excellency is travelled by not neglecting any aspect that may prove key to stablish a difference and making others look at us admiringly because they know we deliver what we promise.

TALSA is a manufacturer of medium range machinery for the meat industry that has made a conscious effort to take care of its internal values along the continuous expansion of the company worldwide paying attention to all these aspects. Talsa’s management has been able to spread among its team the sense of responsibility for a job well done, offering a well-finished product, taking care of their commercialization as well as the implementation of its values, always listening to outside parties related to the company and their requests for investing in creativity of those who offer their ideas freely to improve their management.

Talsa is currently renovating its web site, which shall soon be published. Its distributors shall never be left behind, and so, Talsa offers an app only for them from which orders can be made of machinery and spare parts, useful, visual and at the same time reducing the service times and unnecessary waiting, errors and eventual returns.

Talsa has known to remain faithful to all its staff in order to be faithful to its clients in a transparent and responsible way. It knows the importance of being faithful from within in order to have stronger bonds to its clients and be resolute to maintain them.

In its website, Talsa specifies its commitment to responsibility, meeting production deadlines, immediate transportation of machinery and their parts anywhere, as well as their shipment on the same day the order was placed, daily support to its distributors all year long in over 60 countries, maintaining their quality and innovation at competitive prices.

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Talsa is a manufacturer of medium capacity machinery for the meat and cold-cuts industry.

Its more than 100 years’ experience and the quality of its machinery has made of Talsa a world leader, a leadership it has earned with its hard and comprehensive work towards sustained growth based on a solid project.

Trust among its directives and natural methods of persuasion to motivate its workers have made of the Talsa community a satisfied one with a high production performance and a fulfilled working force that strains to meet all commercial goals and capable of obtaining the expected results.

The innovation of their machinery is one of its values, because Talsa never stops innovating and improving its machines, adapting to new technologies without leaving behind the idea of simple and functional designs for best usability.

The brand offers through its distributors the best sales, maintenance and spare parts services to meet the guidelines stablished by its global management, providing comprehensive quality and service control.

The abilities of its work team manifests itself at all levels of the company. Talsa knows the importance of rewarding a well-done job and knows to motivate initiatives and important decision making, thus obtaining the best results.

Talsa’s management possesses essential qualities for obtaining leadership both at a commercial and corporate levels, which are transparency and integrity, as well as passion towards its work, trust in the workforce, patience and time for innovation, atributes at the service of quality and excellence.

Talsa provides fillers, mixers, mincers, cutters and cookers and will never stop improving them, coming out with new models, thus continuously innovating.

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It has been a long time since Talsa, a producer of machinery for the meat industry, once decided to trust Aitana Multimedia to be one of its technological companies providing support. This company would be in charge of presenting on the Internet all of Talsa’s products and later on developing the application to manage its distributors.

Likewise, Aitana can say that Talsa has become one of its VIP and closest clients. There has been from the beginning a reciprocity in the way they both understand work, the thoroughness they do it with and their respect towards boundaries; getting pleasure from a job well done, and a virtue that accompanies us from the beginning: loyalty and trust. And once more, we are working side by side with Talsa on their new web project and a new order app for distributors to manage all orders of machinery and spare parts.

We consider Talsa to be a tireless worker always aiming towards excellence, always investing in expanding itself and working on its goals. Talsa is a company that characterizes for its dedication and perseverance, with a great team of technical professionals always working on a project and never diverting from the right track. They keep their eyes on all important aspects including production quality, but never leaving aside the human aspect. Talsa’s ability to keep its employees happy is also an incentive to maintain production quality as reciprocity. 

Behind every achieved goal there are hours of exhaustive work. Thus, it is no surprise that Talsa has become a renown brand in Spain and the world. Its distributors make their agility and good, responsible service seem easy. Talsa talks less, concentrates on the important and produces the right way and in an orderly manner.

Its medium range machinery: fillers, mixers, mincers, cutters and cookers are the result of over 100 years’ experience of the Talsa brand.

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Hydraulic Fillers with pistons

Machinery for the meat industry.

In different occasions, we have talked on this blog about Talsa, a European world leading company in the fabrication of middle range machinery for the meat industry.

On this occasion, we are going to talk about its upgraded range of fillers and stuffers for the meat industry.

Hydraulic Fillers with pistons

Talsa offers in its actual production line 4 different models to choose from with a 15, 26, 31 and 52 liters capacity respectively, which show the following characteristics:

  • High pressure suitable for dense and cold mixtures.
  • Speed control knob situated near the operator for precise adjustment.
  • Automatic piston decompression instantly stops the product flow.
  • Comfortable knee lever operation allows the user to keep hands free.
  • Double sealed piston.
  • Separate hydraulic oil reservoir.
  • Wheels and handle for easy movement.
  • Easy cleaning.
  • Three standard stainless steel nozzles ø 12, 20 & 30 mm.
  • Robust, machine grinded fixed meat barrel with easily removable sealed piston.
  • Automatic lid lock without handles.
  • Pressure gauge.

Among this range, two models are offered: Model A- automatic and Model i-Switch as well as different options.

For more information about their fillers/stuffers machinery line for the meat industry you can take a look at its company website or download the following PDF: See PDF Talsa’s fillers for the meat industry.

Additionally, Talsa is also a producer of machinery for other uses for the meat industry such as mixers, mincers/grinders, cutters/choppers, cookers/kettles, all of them world renown and exported all over the globe. 

Recently, its facilities have been expanded with the addition of new industrial warehouses and the acquisition of new industrial machinery for optimizing production.

We will keep you updated with the latest developments of this important company.

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Talsa is a manufacturer of machinery for the meat industry



The optimum performance of a machine is obtained when getting the best possible results with minimum work.

Talsa is a manufacturer of machinery for the meat industry that has established a working method for the optimization of resources, management, production and quality. Their machinery are a joint result of the values established by the company from the beginning; of joining simplicity with functionality, being pragmatic, and the desire of joining beauty with functionality, always searching for constant innovation without limiting to a strict efficiency purpose.

Talsa works hard on being itself, being true to its brand and management, without neglecting any aspect, since they know excellence can only be reached when all aspects that interact in a company are taken care of with the same love and dedication.

Talsa sells through its distributors who know all about the machines they are offering and the company’s discipline to offer the best added value to their clients captured in their products. The way orders are placed and items delivered ensures proper planning in order to offer the best service regarding orders of both machinery and spare parts. Talsa is present in 60 countries and its use of electrical and industrial standard components and the absence of complex electronics of difficult programming is an active that gives reliability to its products around the world.

Its medium range machinery for the meat industry can be seen in videos on its website and YouTube channel, where details can be better appreciated. The machines as a whole, the cleanliness, transparency, the final results and the technical explanation only made possible after 100 years of industrial experience, of renowned awards and certified quality.

Talsa’s performance is also guaranteed with an increase in production worldwide.


Machinery for the meast industry


Stagnation is a phenomenon that can happen in any aspect of our lives. People and therefore businesses and their management tend to accommodate to what already works so that problems will not rise. When one lives without expectations, without wanting to progress and leaning towards conformism, we may very well be living in a bubble called “comfort zone”. And it is here where you tend to be satisfied rejecting the tiniest stimulating sign to go forward.

However, the reasons are countless to take a risk while being aware of what we are doing. This is what we call innovation.

Businesses that are insecure are not competitive and stagnation in the long run brings oblivion. Fear is a feeling that does not let us advance, and once overcome, it minimizes and allows us to move forward and feel satisfied in any area we want.

Innovation is an innate desire of every entrepreneur. Therefore, part of our budget should always be destined to innovation, allowing to stay a step ahead of ourselves and our competitors, maintaining always the demands established by the company’s codes.

With new technologies taking over the market, innovation used to be exclusive of this field. But it is possible to innovate in the areas of products and services, so that innovation is present in all of the company, having a positive effect in its production, marketing, management, quality, etc.

That is the reason why innovative companies offer an extra something that makes them more competitive. Spanish provinces with industries that invest in R+D+i show a higher income because they create a higher economic development.

Even today, we can still find businesses that wrongly decide against innovation and will not even think of it as an option. They consider it an expense instead of an investment, affecting the company’s philosophy inside and out. It is not a luxury but a requirement to survive.

Talsa keeps outdoing itself, constantly providing new products and features that adapt to the clients’ needs, taking not only into consideration the functions they are supposed to carry out but also the people that handle them, the environment and effectiveness.

Talsa is a manufacturer of machinery for the meat industry that does not stop innovating. One of the reasons to move forward is maintaining its position as world leader in the market of medium range machinery. Taking a closer look at their finish, we can observe they have been manufactured as if they were works of art instead of machines.


Of Food Industry of Manufacturing of average capacity


Successful companies are those that survive through time maintaining their quality. But in order to become a successful company the internal values must be clear from the beginning and it is necessary to rely on tools in order to reach the goals set, being of extreme importance the transmission of those values to everyone involved in the company.

Establishing a corporate culture and transmitting it is the first step to carry out a strategy. As Aristotle said “we are what we repeatedly do”. Excellence thus is a habit.

Leadership in a company is essential for the management. The transmission of values to all employees in different departments so the end result is customer satisfaction requires the training and the initiative only an appropriate working environment can provide without any negative influences.

Innovation plays a key role in development, and it should be given as many chances as possible in order to avoid company stagnation. This should be done always taking into account the company’s strengths to boost them and aim for continuous improvement, a habit that will lead to excellence.

Those companies that provide training to their employees increase their confidence and loyalty towards the company making them feel the company’s values as their own. Results assessment must be performed in such way that technology, R+D+i and service are seen as part of the employees’ commitment

Talent should be not only available but also optimized to look for better solutions with a culture of continuous motivation in mind to improve goals and achieve excellence.

Talsa has maintained its leadership becoming world leader manufacturer of middle range machinery for the meat industry. 100 years of experience talk for themselves, reaching their world leading position thanks to a good management and their commitments. Their shared values help them reach their commitments, well-known by all its distributors to whom they entrust the sales of their machinery. Evidences of these shared values are the short manufacturing times, urgent transportation and delivery of spare parts, continuously upgraded machinery and professional distribution as well as service support.

The prepared table of commitments is made possible by the company’s structure and their non-stop effort to achieve excellence. The upgrading of their machines is a product of continuous research, the management surrounding itself with a team of the same philosophy and the sales being made by professionals.


Talsa continues upgrading its machinery



Talsa, worldwide leading manufacturer of medium-range machinery for the meat industry, is committed on a daily basis to Research, Development and Innovation, resulting in the constant evolution and upgrade of its machinery range.

 Talsa’s objective, apart from upgrading its technology and optimize its machinery, is to constantly adapt to its client’s needs. Needs that invariably change with time and push the technical research and development team to work non-stop in the improvement of their products.

Talsa has recently expanded their industrial facilities incorporating new machinery, which will help increase its production as well as optimize times and service to its clients.

The marketing department announced that Talsa will soon be launching the new catalogs with all upgraded machinery and its web site will be likewise updated.

As it is already known, Talsa is a manufacturer that sells exclusively through its distributors, offering them all its technological and logistical capacity so that they can offer the best possible professional service to their clients in the meat and meat products sector. Together with the quality of its machinery, the service and customer support that Talsa offers is one of its most important added values. Talsa is aware that good service and technical support to the distributor will lead to improvement in the service to the end consumer, all pointing at higher sales for the business chain. It is no wonder then that Talsa has been in the market for over 100 years meeting the needs of the meat and cold cuts industry.

We will soon provide more information on the latest update of Talsa’s facilities and machinery range.


Hydraulic Fillers / Stuffers


Kneading used to be a tedious and hard job. Everyone remembers having mix on their hands while kneading to perfection when this used to be done in an artisanal way.

Nowadays, it is difficult to find a kitchen that does not use a mixer, blenders or even food processors that motivate us to prepare doughs for different dishes with a minimum effort, leading, therefore, to the readjustment of recipes. A blender blends and a mixer puts together the dough, and these two functions are programmed separately.

But there also exist medium capacity mixers like the ones Talsa offers. This manufacturer and distributor provides bigger size mixers for an industrial level and its services are offered mainly to the meat industry.

Although Talsa has been consolidated as the top manufacturer and provider of this kind of machinery all over the world, it doesn’t stop investing in R+D+i since this is the reason for the continuous improvement and transformation of their machines, always searching for a way to improve their latest version.

As an example, in the world of sports, elite sportspeople collaborate with the big brands to determine together with their teams the inconvenients and virtues of the materials used and discover new ones that better lead to the wanted results, create more aerodynamic shapes, measurements, etc., leading therefore to the improvement of the sports brands.

Talsa improved its mixers with a new spherical bowl, a new blade angle and shape designed in collaboration with the Department of Fluid Mechanics of the Polytechnic University of Valencia, UPV, within the CDTI European R+D+i project.

Talsa knows that without its interest for improving itself day after day and the department created to achieve that goal it wouldn’t be in the top position it is now. Talsa knows a whole is made of many small parts that add up for excellency at the end and that without a good management leading the research, manufacturing, delivery and maintenance of its machines every day of the year it wouldn’t be able to lead the global market.



Past and present filling machines.

One of the greatest revolutions without a doubt was the industrial revolution. In the 18th century Great Britain became the stage for its beginnings, expanding later to whole Europe till the mid-19th century and remaining a key point for progress, establishing a before and after in production techniques. Machines contributed to mass production reducing times. All sectors were influenced by it and it contributed to a sustained economic growth for all social classes.

Today, we cannot imagine working without machines and looking towards the future, one without robots doesn’t seem likely either.

In the meat industry, we have to think further ahead than just the slaughtering. Pigs, for example, were sacrificed in a barbaric way that provoked anguishing high-pitched squeals, and the process was done manually with all the sanitary surprises it might entail. Machines introduced not only a rise in production but also higher security and hygiene.

The automation process gave free rein to endless research in all sectors in order to invent new machines with different functionalities.

Nowadays, the production of charcuterie is carried out by state-of-the-art filling machinery that take into consideration hygiene, ergonomics, safety, displacement, among other aspects that make a difference.

The industrial revolution is far in our past but now we live smaller revolutions at the present that contribute to a periodic progress. For example, later came quality and safety norms that have contribute to improve the industrial world and to walk towards excellence.

Talsa is a producer of machinery for the meat industry with fillers, mixers, mincers, cutters and stuffer of middle-range capacity that has become a world leader in the food industry.

Given so many advances is no wonder that we now have a higher life expectancy.