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Talsa continues upgrading its machinery



Talsa, worldwide leading manufacturer of medium-range machinery for the meat industry, is committed on a daily basis to Research, Development and Innovation, resulting in the constant evolution and upgrade of its machinery range.

 Talsa’s objective, apart from upgrading its technology and optimize its machinery, is to constantly adapt to its client’s needs. Needs that invariably change with time and push the technical research and development team to work non-stop in the improvement of their products.

Talsa has recently expanded their industrial facilities incorporating new machinery, which will help increase its production as well as optimize times and service to its clients.

The marketing department announced that Talsa will soon be launching the new catalogs with all upgraded machinery and its web site will be likewise updated.

As it is already known, Talsa is a manufacturer that sells exclusively through its distributors, offering them all its technological and logistical capacity so that they can offer the best possible professional service to their clients in the meat and meat products sector. Together with the quality of its machinery, the service and customer support that Talsa offers is one of its most important added values. Talsa is aware that good service and technical support to the distributor will lead to improvement in the service to the end consumer, all pointing at higher sales for the business chain. It is no wonder then that Talsa has been in the market for over 100 years meeting the needs of the meat and cold cuts industry.

We will soon provide more information on the latest update of Talsa’s facilities and machinery range.

Talsa updates its mixers / mixers for the meat industry.

New Mixers | Talsa

Talsa, market leader in the global food industry.

Updates its range of mixing machinery.

Recently, Talsa, the European company and global leader in the manufacture of medium capacity machinery for the meat and cold cuts industry, has recently updated its range of mixers.

Talsa has updated its mixers, currently available in four different capacities: 30, 65, 95 and 165 liters. These machines designed for minced meats are also usable for many other food products.

It counts with an exclusive patented dual-armed paddle system that provides improved mixing results and a reduced mixing time. While one paddle arm stirs the product from the bottom to the top of the bowl, the other paddle arm simultaneously stirs it from the top to the bottom, so obtaining a natural and homogenous mix, a perfect dough. This patent is the result of Talsa’s focus on R+D+i projects, always looking for innovation adding value to all its machines.

The machines come in three models with different capacities to choose from:

  • MIX-e. 1 Motor: paddle, bowl pushed by inertia, unidirectional mixing (comes in 30, 65 and 95 liters capacity).
  • MIX-p. 2 Motors: paddle and bowl, bidirectional mixing. (comes in 30, 65, 95 and 165 liters capacity).
  • MIX-pv. 2 Motors: paddle and bowl, bidirectional mixing, variable paddle speed (comes in 30, 65, 95 and 165 liters capacity).

These are standard three-phase models, optionally single-phased.

The table of technical specifications for the new mixers can be viewed on the following PDF.

Together with the update of the range of mixing machines for the meat industry, Talsa has refreshed the corresponding section on its Web page, where all their characteristics can be reviewed on an extensive photo gallery detailing all different models.

Talsa has always been able to blend “tradition” with “innovation” along its 115 years manufacturing industrial machinery, 80 of them manufacturing mixers.