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In this last half century, Spain has managed to catch up with its surrounding countries. With its entry into the European Community, it has had to accelerate its steps to strengthen its productions and open markets. From not having sales abroad to turning the Spanish meat sector into the first agri-food sector and world power.

The industry has accompanied the sector and we have grown spectacularly, having an unstoppable trajectory in the pork sector, allowing Spain to establishing itself as the third world exporter behind the USA and Germany.

With this expansion of the meat industry, all the machinery related to it is also opened to the outside, so machinery manufacturers for the meat industry also experience growth in their exports.

Talsa, manufacturer of machinery for the meat industry, with its range of machinery (stuffers, kneaders, mincers, cutters and cooking kettles) has also undergone exponential growth since it beginnings in 1900, when it started as a small mechanical workshop to later become an efficient industrial structure that, by opening up to the Community, was able to establish itself in exports around the world, creating brand leadership.

Spain is a country that has had to move forward quickly. It has also been an example of adapting to the new demands of international markets. We had a product guarantee, but Spanish industries have had to adapt to safety and quality regulations and demands during the production process, and it has done so without complexes to obtain excellent and successful companies.

Talsa has been one of these companies that has become a world leader in the manufacture of machines for the medium-capacity meat industry. Its success is not accidental. Talsa has invested and paid attention to all external and internal agents to build machines in a safe environment and comply with all requirements, and has also created a network of distributors that streamline management from the outside to the inside or from inside the company. A complete management and quality manual that has been achieved with determination.

Its production, transportation and immediate delivery, as well as the delivery of accessories for its immediate maintenance and repair complete their distribution in more than 60 countries, where Talsa is a synonym for quality.


Machinery for the Meat Industry

Machinery for the Meat Industry
Talsa and its Commitments.

On a previous post, we commented how important values are for any organization. The mission, vision and values present the road map for every company or organization. Being clear on who we are, our capabilities and being able to look towards the future while fulfilling the values that motivate us to grow, and doing it in an honest way, will shape our mission and vision.

Talsa is a manufacturer of machinery for the meat industry that after a 100 years of industrial experience has developed a performance, manufacture, distribution and maintenance strongly related to management and quality norms. They encompass their interest towards research, development and innovation, always examined through their values aiming for product and, of course, management excellence.

If Talsa has become a worldwide leader in the manufacture of middle-range machinery for the meat industry, it is not by coincidence but thanks to the values on which their brand is based.

It has a factory and storage rooms with the capacity to accommodate finished machinery and their parts in order to serve all customer requests within 1 or 2 workdays. The shipment will be carried out with the most appropriate means, these being trucks, ships, air cargo or TNT Express Courier for those urgent cases all around the world and for the shipment of spare parts.

In order to offer the best of services, Talsa has a private area on its web site exclusive for distributors offering immediate coverage.

60 countries enjoy the quality offered by the Talsa machinery with a network of agents that guarantee the delivery of their equipment and their start-up.

Going back to the values that move us and their aim we can say that Talsa obtains its customer satisfaction thanks to an excellent manufacturing and after-sales chain established in their plants, together with highly competitive prices.