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Talsa in social networks

Talsa in social networks

Social Networks


Talsa is an european leading company in the manufacturing of medium capacity machinery for the meat industry and an example of an innovative company committed to technology that actively pursues an online marketing strategy through Social Media.

Talsa already counts with a corporate website in 6 languages on which an active policy of natural SEO positioning has developed for years. It focuses mainly on the positioning in English (its main language), German, French and Spanish.

Now, it aims to go further and expand its marketing strategy with the presence on the main Social Networks. To that end, it counts with the support of Aitana Multimedia, a specialist on online marketing.

The objectives pursued with the presence of Talsa on the main Social Networks are:

  1. Improve its online reputation.
  2. Gain direct contacts through Social Networks.
  3. Improve the SEO positioning of its corporate website by generating content linked directly to the main Networks.

Talsa’s presence focus mainly on the following Social Networks:

Facebook | Talsa


Twitter | Talsa


Linkedin | Talsa


Youtube | Talsa


Google+ | Talsa


Flickr | Talsa


Instagram | Talsa


In most cases, English has been chosen the official communication language given the company’s international projection.

Special emphasis has to be made on Talsa’s YouTube channel, with thousands of views and a great amount of high-quality videos on their range of medium-capacity machinery for the meat industry.

Talsa | Meat processing machiney

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Positioning through Social Media – Talsa

Positioning through Social Media |Talsa

Talsa, a manufacturer of machinery for the meat and meat processing industry.

It is positioned in Social Networks

In order to illustrate how to create a company page in each one of the principal social networking services, we are going to use Talsa as an example. Talsa is a manufacturer and exporter of machinery for the meat and meat processing industry, which has decided to have social media presence.


To create a company page in Facebook, we first need to have a personal profile. Through this profile we can create the page. It is very important to fill every configuration section of the company’s page:

  • Company’s logo.
  • Banner.
  • Company’s description.
  • Mailing address.
  • Telephone.
  • Link to the corporate website.

As an example, we can review Talsa’s Facebook page.


We don’t need to have a personal profile in Twitter to create a company page. To do so, we need to provide the same data as before, but it is also important to begin following Twitter users, in order to establish a minimum of “following” and “followers”.

As an example, we can examine Talsa’s page in Twitter.


In LinkedIn, we also have to generate a personal profile in order to create the company page.

A good example is the Talsa’s LinkedIn page.


One of the most important social networking services is, without a doubt, YouTube. But we need to have videos to upload.

In this case, we need to register in Google + with a personal profile to create a video channel in YouTube.

We can see Talsa’s YouTube video channel as an example.

Google +

There is little to add to this social network, well known by all our users.

We can review Talsa’s Google + page, as an example.

We hope the abovementioned examples are useful to our readers.

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