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Medium capacity machinery for the meat industry

There is no doubt that the meat industry is one of the great engines of the world economy, mainly in developed countries.

According to the FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations), meat production as a whole (beef, chicken and pork) has remained during 2020 at the same level as in 2019 despite the effects of  Covid 19.

The meat industry moves around a multitude of sectors, from feed producers, pharmaceutical industry, livestock, slaughterhouses, wholesale and retail trade, through the auxiliary industry such as machinery for handling and processing of meat products, generating as a whole millions of jobs around the world.

Within the sector of machinery for the meat industry, we find in Europe a world leading company in the manufacture of medium-capacity machinery for the meat industry. This is TALSA, a company that began as a small mechanical workshop founded in 1900 and has ended up being one of the most important companies in its sector, due to its commitment to quality, innovation and commitment to its customers, as it sells exclusively to distributors.

In its manufacturing line it has focused on a range of machinery that includes:

  • Four models of hydraulic piston fillers/stuffers, with different powers and capacities and their corresponding accessories.
  • Four models of mixers with three equipments and four capacities (30, 65, 95 and 165 liters) to choose from and an exclusive patented paddle system.
  • Six models of mincers/grinders with different options and capacities, with a base entirely in stainless steel.
  • Six models of cutters/choppers with capacities ranging between 15 and 205 liters, with models aimed at both small artisans and medium professionals and industrialists.
  • Five models of automatic electric cookers/kettles with capacities from 165 to 725 liters.

On TALSA’s website, we can access all the extended information on the indicated machinery, in different languages (English, French, German and Spanish). Download of the complete information brochures in PDF format is also available.



Talsa has long since decided to change its website. This leading company in machinery for the meat industry is in constant development and does not miss any opportunity to keep its website updated, from where it shows the full range of machines, its technical characteristics, its standard and optional equipment and all its catalog recently updated.

The TALSA machines, in stainless steel, look like works of art, simple but robust, without corners to facilitate cleaning, safe and designed to allow easy access to its components in order to facilitate their maintenance.

The design of Talsa’s machines is the result of R&D&i projects that have sometimes been carried out in cooperation with the Department of Mechanical Engineering of the Polytechnic University of Valencia resulting in the reduction of vibrations in the axis of the blades and the decrease of noise and vibrations in the chassis with silent drive transmission directed from a touch screen.

The Talsa mixing machines are responsible for preparing the minced meat for sausages of any kind, both for large farms and industrial meat processors.

Not only do they work for mincing meat for sausages, but they are also used for a wide range of poultry, fish, pastry or vegetarian products such as chopped pieces for new vegan burgers, processed cheeses or any food processing. The new models of mixers K120neo and K200neo cut, mix and emulsify all kinds of food with textures of all kinds, fine and thick.

The Talsa machines have undergone a strict control from verification bodies and advice on CE quality control and in terms of Health and Safety standards.  Talsa has also received the export award by the Valencia Chamber of Commerce so deserved for its work in the growth of machinery for the meat industry, being an exporter and maintaining distributors worldwide, with excellent management, from the reception of some of its components, manufacturing, sales through its distributors, delivery management by different means of transport and its after-sales and maintenance service 365 days a year.

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