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Machinery for the meat industry | Talsa

Machinery for the meat industry | Talsa

With the global pandemic crisis partly over, the food industry is making a strong comeback.

In the machinery manufacturing sector for the meat industry, companies such as Talsa are consolidating their leadership.

In Talsa’s case, one of the keys to maintaining its position as a world leader in the manufacture of medium-capacity machinery for the meat industry, even during the pandemic, has been its permanent commitment to innovation.

The continuous investment in Research, Development and Innovation has made Talsa a worldwide recognized brand.

Its range of machinery consists of:

Hydraulic meat stuffers

The machines have been designed to allow easy access to all their components, for easy maintenance and cleaning.

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Kneaders, meat mixers

The exclusive “TALSA Soft Mixing System” paddle system performs a double job: while one of the arms extracts the dough from the bottom of the trough to the surface, the other performs the reverse process at the same time, doubling the machine’s output and halving the kneading time.

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Mincers, meat grinders

L&W Germany blades and plates supplied with Talsa grinders are made of carbon steel of the highest strength and durability.

This cutting material stands out for its very low wear, greatly prolonging the life and file of blades and plates, also avoiding the contamination of metal particles in the meat when using weak stainless steel elements.

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Meat cutters

Talsa has a wide range of meat cutters models with capacities of 15, 30, 50, 80, 120 and 205 liters.

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 Cooking kettles for meat

Different models with capacities of 165, 250, 335, 505 and 725 liters and different optimized powers for each model allow a homogeneous cooking with an important control of energy saving.

All models have a thermal oil chamber (double boiler).

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 This leading position in its sector is the result of the maturity achieved after 100 years of industrial experience, more than 80 of which in the meat and food machinery sector.




There are machines for butchers such as the medium capacity meat fillers stuffers distributed by TALSA.

Talsa is a manufacturer of machines for the meat industry, especially for those establishments that manufacture sausages or for butcher shops.

Talsa has 4 models of stuffing machines of different capacities whose distinctive characteristics are common to all of them and all with the TALSA guarantee.

Outstanding Features

  • Robust stainless steel construction.
  • Lid and piston in solid s/s sheet of great thickness and resistance.
  • Round, mechanized barrel, internally grinded: perfect internal diameter and sealing.
  • Easily removable piston.
  • High pressure for dens and cold mixtures.
  • Automatic piston decompression. Instant stop of product flow.
  • Cylinder ram in stainless steel.
  • New lid and piston seals of low wear and long life.

“Hands-free”, knee activated automatic start/stop of motor by internal micro-switch and contactor within a water resistant electrical unit.

Benefits: less wear, less noise, reduced power consumption; lower operating temperature; longer life for oil, pump and hydraulic group.

Advantages at a Glance

  • 2 wheels and handle for easy transport. Optional 4 wheels adding 2 swivel casters.
  • Easily accessible speed control.
  • Pressure gauge.
  • Removable lid, adjustable lid lock nuts with handle.I
  • Independent hydraulic oil reservoir.
  • Thermal protected motor.
  • Automatic knee lever lock until the piston reaches the lower position.

Carefully designed for easy dismantling, allowing quick access to all components for maintenance and cleaning.

The machines have been designed to allow easy access to all their components and thus enable easy maintenance and cleaning.

On the Talsa website you have all the technical specifications of its machines and dimensions, including the packaging.

Talsa has different videos to show the operation of its machines in English, aimed at all those who are interested in their machines and all those who would like to distribute them.




Talsa makes a video to publicize its hydraulic stuffers


On other occasions we have talked in this blog about Talsa, a manufacturer of machinery for the meat industry, as an innovative company with continuous investments in R+D+i.

Talsa has been completely renewing its website for a while with a permanent content update. Its English and Spanish versions have already been updated, pending some sections of the versions in French and German.

Hydraulic Stuffers

Talsa recently published a video, which can be found below, about its range of Hydraulic Stuffers.

In the video, we can see an explanation of the benefits and functionalities of this range of machines.

They are 4 models available of Hydraulic Stuffers, the F14s – F25s – F35s – F50s that correspond to different capacities and benefits.

In the corresponding section on Talsa’s website, under Hydraulic Stuffers within the range of machinery, we can access very complete and updated information on the advantages and the distinctive and technical characteristics of the different models, as well as some photo galleries with images of their most outstanding details in both standard equipment and optional equipment.

The entire range is designed to allow easy access to all its components, facilitating its use, maintenance and cleaning.

A very interesting distinctive feature, which can be seen in the attached video, is the start and stop of the engine with the knee through a comfortable lever without using your hands.

All machines are manufactured and optimized to obtain a lower wear of its components, lower noise level and a very adjusted temperature and electrical consumption, giving a longer life to the oil, the pump and the hydraulic group.

After reviewing all the information and technical characteristics of Talsa’s Hydraulic Stuffers, we can affirm that it is the world leader in its sector.

Access to «Catalog of Hydraulic Stuffers«

Talsa renews its Web page

On other occasions we have made reference in this same Blog to Talsa, a leading company in the international market in the manufacture of machinery of medium capacity for the meat industry.

Commitment to information and communication technologies

Talsa, founded in 1900, with more than 100 years of industrial activity, bet from the beginning on the implementation of information and communication technologies (ICT) and their incorporation. It was one of the first companies in its sector to have a Web page and since then it has not stopped using the Internet as a means of information, communication and offering value-added services to its customers.

New Website

Talsa is currently in the process of total renewal of its corporate website. The English version is almost finished, the German and Spanish versions are very advanced and the French version will be operational shortly.

Since it is aimed at professionals, that is to say, distributors all over the world, Talsa has opted to include all the possible graphic and technical information of its machinery, in order to have a Web page with all the necessary information so that a professional distributor of the machinery for the meat industry sector can have all the necessary elements for decision making.

In the Web page, apart from the general information about the company, its commitments and contact data can be found along with exhaustive information of each of the lines of machinery that they manufacture:

  • Stuffers
  • Mixers
  • Grinders /Mincers
  • Cutters
  • Cooking kettles.

Apart from the complete information shown in each of the previous sections (image galleries, technical information, comparative tables, etc.), there is permanent access to the interactive catalogs of the different product lines with the option of downloading them in PDF format.

From this Blog, we will continue to watch the evolution of this company, as a reference of Information and Communication.



Fillers | Stuffers


A filler or stuffer is a machine used to compact cold mixtures for the production of different types of cold meats that can be fresh, cured or cooked.

TALSA is a european company producer of medium-range machinery for the food processing industry. It is present worldwide thanks to its consolidated exports and its distributor network, that ensures sales and maintenance and provides spare parts, giving so a guaranteeing this way the proper functioning of the machine.

In its machine range, the first machine it presents is the Hydraulic Fillers for 15,20,26,31,42 and 52 liters. They are made of stainless steel and can be either automatic or manual.

Talsa’s fillers work with dense or cold mixtures, its speed control lever located near the operator for a more precise adjustment. Release of the knee lever causes the double sealed piston to decompress and instantly stops the product flow. It also has wheels to ensure easy movement of the machine, automatic lid lock, pressure gauge and is easy to clean.

The manual portioning device is an accessory that fits on the end of the meat barrel with a lever in forward/backward positions in order to obtain consistent volume dosage for various mix thicknesses, such as Frankfurt sausages, pâté, foie-gras, salamis, etc. from 20 to 500g approximately.

A curved nozzle with a non-drip cutting valve may be optionally adapted permitting precision filling of tins and recipients

Among Talsa’s high-quality range of machinery we can also find mixers, grinders, cutters and cookers.

In its website talsanet.com you can watch videos on the functioning of their machinery. There is also access to an Intranet for distributors.

Talsa, more than 100 years of industrial experience certified by EC quality assurance and control bodies.