Machinery for the meast industry


Stagnation is a phenomenon that can happen in any aspect of our lives. People and therefore businesses and their management tend to accommodate to what already works so that problems will not rise. When one lives without expectations, without wanting to progress and leaning towards conformism, we may very well be living in a bubble called “comfort zone”. And it is here where you tend to be satisfied rejecting the tiniest stimulating sign to go forward.

However, the reasons are countless to take a risk while being aware of what we are doing. This is what we call innovation.

Businesses that are insecure are not competitive and stagnation in the long run brings oblivion. Fear is a feeling that does not let us advance, and once overcome, it minimizes and allows us to move forward and feel satisfied in any area we want.

Innovation is an innate desire of every entrepreneur. Therefore, part of our budget should always be destined to innovation, allowing to stay a step ahead of ourselves and our competitors, maintaining always the demands established by the company’s codes.

With new technologies taking over the market, innovation used to be exclusive of this field. But it is possible to innovate in the areas of products and services, so that innovation is present in all of the company, having a positive effect in its production, marketing, management, quality, etc.

That is the reason why innovative companies offer an extra something that makes them more competitive. Spanish provinces with industries that invest in R+D+i show a higher income because they create a higher economic development.

Even today, we can still find businesses that wrongly decide against innovation and will not even think of it as an option. They consider it an expense instead of an investment, affecting the company’s philosophy inside and out. It is not a luxury but a requirement to survive.

Talsa keeps outdoing itself, constantly providing new products and features that adapt to the clients’ needs, taking not only into consideration the functions they are supposed to carry out but also the people that handle them, the environment and effectiveness.

Talsa is a manufacturer of machinery for the meat industry that does not stop innovating. One of the reasons to move forward is maintaining its position as world leader in the market of medium range machinery. Taking a closer look at their finish, we can observe they have been manufactured as if they were works of art instead of machines.