Machinery for the meat industry.

In different occasions, we have talked on this blog about Talsa, a European world leading company in the fabrication of middle range machinery for the meat industry.

On this occasion, we are going to talk about its upgraded range of fillers and stuffers for the meat industry.

Hydraulic Fillers with pistons

Talsa offers in its actual production line 4 different models to choose from with a 15, 26, 31 and 52 liters capacity respectively, which show the following characteristics:

  • High pressure suitable for dense and cold mixtures.
  • Speed control knob situated near the operator for precise adjustment.
  • Automatic piston decompression instantly stops the product flow.
  • Comfortable knee lever operation allows the user to keep hands free.
  • Double sealed piston.
  • Separate hydraulic oil reservoir.
  • Wheels and handle for easy movement.
  • Easy cleaning.
  • Three standard stainless steel nozzles ø 12, 20 & 30 mm.
  • Robust, machine grinded fixed meat barrel with easily removable sealed piston.
  • Automatic lid lock without handles.
  • Pressure gauge.

Among this range, two models are offered: Model A- automatic and Model i-Switch as well as different options.

For more information about their fillers/stuffers machinery line for the meat industry you can take a look at its company website or download the following PDF: See PDF Talsa’s fillers for the meat industry.

Additionally, Talsa is also a producer of machinery for other uses for the meat industry such as mixers, mincers/grinders, cutters/choppers, cookers/kettles, all of them world renown and exported all over the globe. 

Recently, its facilities have been expanded with the addition of new industrial warehouses and the acquisition of new industrial machinery for optimizing production.

We will keep you updated with the latest developments of this important company.