Manufacturer of machinery for the food industry


Machines are here to stay and don’t stop surprising us with new functionalities; robots seem to be here to take away hours of work and not only in our working time but also at home to save us time to devote to something else. In fact, in the kitchens there are more and more robots that prepare a delicious dish by only investing the time to throw in the ingredients; the machine takes charge of everything else.

Talsa, is a manufacturer of machinery for the food industry and in its catalog, among others, are cooking kettles and mixers. These machines are a invaluable asset in schools and residences where menus are of vital importance. The fact of presenting a freshly made dish, without any additives or additional heating, supposes love for a work well done. Never will a subcontractor be able to beat the aroma and offer the sensation of “eating with your eyes”; because in addition, the presentation is totally different for a dish served on a table and another one on a tray or wrapped in cellophane, taking freshness from the dish and reducing its tastiness.

Machines are fundamental to quality control. We all know that the budget of a dish should not be stretched to satisfy purposes other than paying for suppliers and labor.

No wonder that news about scams in this regard and protests from fathers and mothers to banish “catering” practices is becoming the general trend.

A good canteen with professionals in charge would result in labor contracts, in a better and controlled diet with studied menus and in the satisfaction of the user and those responsible for the institution. Machines are at the service of men, but we must not forget that we can also humanize the work of machines.