Talsa Mixers

The apple of my eye

Talsa is a manufacturer of machines for the meat industry and being a manufacturer implies the transformation of raw materials into a final product.

The industry manufactures its products on a large scale to meet the demand of its customers and potential new customers, and it is always necessary to comply with all the standards that have been legislated or standardized on the matter, such as the certification requirements of a given product that responds to all quality and performance standards established internationally.

The quality of the product must be guaranteed and in this manufacturing process, technology also plays a fundamental role, as an execution tool and an essential control management tool in this century.

Talsa’s distributors work hand in hand with their manufacturer maintaining a close and professional relationship. Internet and Sales and Management Application technologies make all orderings of machinery, order tracking, and exclusive parts orders much simpler.

At the heart of any manufacturer there is also an apple of his eyes, the one machine, or star product, the one that left him really satisfied for various reasons, for its sales, for its acceptance, for its excellence …

Talsa has a wide register of machines for the pork industry and although they all start from the same philosophy, Talsa’s mixers are the center, the apple of their eye.

Talsa’s mixers are specific for minced meat but also usable for many other food products.

It’s a simple machine but with a beautiful stainless steel finish that meets the requirements of tightness, security, speed control and automatic stop when the head is raised, allows kneading in both directions, shortening working time with its patented blade system, where one of the arms extracts the mass from the bottom and the other performs the reverse movement, which is easy to move and clean.