We could define innovation in industry as the transformation of a new idea into an improved product or a new production system, its dissemination, marketing and use.

Talsa is committed to industrial innovation, and in this sense is a constant innovator. According to this definition, Talsa developed machines that succeeded for their simplicity. Talsa became a benchmark competitor, and it has been maintaining its leadership, thanks to its continuous research to bring its machines to the top.

Its managers and the entire team are convinced, and work together with collaborators and customers, to achieve excellence in a commitment to research on how to improve their medium-capacity machinery for the meat industry.

Both the pieces and mechanisms, the delivery, the after-sales service, orders and customer service are part of a way to be and to act so that the whole network works and progresses. We would say that it is the company policy.

On the other hand, the ideas and the R + D + i department gives shape to what later the production department with its specialized workers will carry out in orderly, clean and safe facilities. It is the Talsa seal.

All this is the result of a good management work that has also been very attentive to the motivation of all its employees, without sparing any resources. Talsa’s workers are satisfied and are also an asset for the company.

This constant innovation allows maintaining and even increasing the market share, securing a position, maintaining leadership and to open up to new emerging markets without any risk.

This innovation is a mark in our own country and brings satisfaction that our entrepreneurs also see their work recognized abroad.

Creativity is another important aspect when it comes to innovating. Having an open mind and adding really useful differential aspects leads to an efficient improvement of the product that often also answers the user’s needs that are observed and heard by the industrial entrepreneur.

Constant reinvention is an indispensable premise to progress in the business world.