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Talsa is a manufacturer of medium capacity machines for the meat industry.

Today, we will talk about its cutters machines, tools that are present in many jobs and in many sectors.

The Talsa K50neo and K80neo mixer cutters have been designed for the production of minced meats of all kinds, from artisan production to large butcher shops mainly.

Used in delicatessens for the preparation of fine doughs and the production of minced meat, they are also suitable for products such as poultry, fish, pastries, vegetables, processed cheese and other products of the food industry.

They mix and emulsify all kinds of food products achieving different textures, and are very easy to use, clean and safe.


  • 7” Touch Screen
  • 6 membrane buttons for the most used functions
  • Digital display of gear, revolutions, temperature, running time and current time
  • Automatic stop after elapsed time
  • Display of maintenance and service intervals

With the following options

  • Interactive recipe guide
  • User administrator
  • Recording of data
  • Production Plan

Talsa, in its effort to improve its machines, is committed to R + D + i for the improvement and updating of its machinery.

These two examples are the result of cooperation with the Polytechnic University of Valencia, Department of Mechanical Engineering for vibration and sound reduction:

  • Design with 3D models on computer
  • Reduction of vibrations in the axis of the blades
  • Reduction of noise and vibrations in the chassis
  • Silent drive transmission.

Its universal sense of progress makes Talsa strive to improve its professional digital machines to increase productivity, each time with more power and more advanced functions without forgetting the distribution and all the agents involved.

To complete the circle, Talsa has made some commitments regarding quality and excellence of the manufacturing deadlines, urgent transport, the shipment of spare parts and its immediate attention to distributors every day of the year.


Talsa, meat industry machinery


Talsa is a manufacturer of medium-capacity machinery for the meat industry specialized in the manufacture of machinery for cold meats.

Having a quality product makes it much easier when launching into foreign trade and Talsa, additionally, has a distribution network for its machines all over the world.

Its success is based especially on knowing how to combine tradition with modernity, the initial entrepreneurial spirit with experience, the commercial vision and the obligatory use of new technologies and management.

Talsa has managed to sneak into the international market taking good advantage of its strengths and abandoning a very Spanish tendency such as relying on luck.

Training is part of its corporate culture, but Talsa knows perfectly well that a curriculum is but a pillar and with only one pillar a project cannot be sustained.  A failure in American culture means learning for a new beginning, a boost to the final career. In Spain, this is considered a defeat. Perhaps also because we tend to copy, except in those cases where the basis given by training sustains the experience and knowledge of the market and business culture.

To know a market, you have to know not only the legislation, but the customs and characteristics of its people, which also give us the keys to both successes and failures. The punctuality so forgotten here in our country, the use of the distinctive title and the tedious meetings scheduled on a random basis, are not necessary for example in Germany. They do not worship studies, these being the culmination after the ability to work and experience. They appreciate honesty, knowing how to get to the point and knowing how to listen, as well as order, ecology … all this determines a character and also the cult of companies.

Traveling opens our eyes because we tend to become vitiated by what surrounds us and, in this sense, companies must open themselves, if not to international markets, to the knowledge of the procedures in other countries in order to be able to develop a global character that enriches them.

Any business done with a company taking the role of the user leaves a lasting impression on the client regarding both quality and service.

Reliability and commitment of companies with management and with clients make a lasting impression, and at the end, is what differentiates a leading company.


Machinery for the meat industry



Talsa has a range of machinery for the meat industry with which it closes the cycle for the manufacture of good sausages and other food products.

The machines arrived and with them the necessary help to make our lives easier both in the industry and at home. Talsa offers the sale of these machines through its distributors, especially to butchers, although they can be useful in other establishments.

Talsa machines have distinctive characteristics of Talsa quality, the material with which they have been designed, such as stainless steel, offers a clean and robust appearance while being easy to access and easy to maintain and clean.

Talsa’s stuffers have an engine start and stop with a knee pad, without hands and among their benefits, less wear, noise, temperature and electrical consumption, and a longer life of the oil, pump and hydraulic group.

The high-powered Talsa mixers with assisted head opening, easy cleaning without hard-to-reach corners and automatic stop as soon as the head is opened.

Talsa’s mincers completely made in high quality stainless steel perform better mincing as the meat does not receive any heat from the motor and its blades are made of carbon steel of the highest resistance and duration.

Talsa Digital Industrial Cutters cut and emulsify all types of meats and other food products with a touch screen control, more capacity and advanced functions.

We finish the circle with the Talsa electric automatic cooking kettles with hot and cold water filling taps, completely in stainless steel and adjustable feet, effortless opening, safety drain cock, clean, quality thermal insulation and temperature and time programmer.

The manufacturing period is practically immediate, being able to assemble small machines in 1 or 2 working days and 1 or 2 weeks for large capacity industrial machines. And together with its fast delivery by any means of transport around the world, Talsa makes a leading company worldwide with professional distribution.


Talsa is a manufacturer of medium-capacity machinery for this pork industry.


To speak of the pork industry is to speak of the meat industry and its set of activities. Likewise, the meat industry ranges from the large industry to the typical family industry, without hired workers, and Talsa is a manufacturer of medium-capacity machinery for this pork industry.

Spain is an agricultural and livestock country, although it strives to base its economy on the tourism sector. But tourism and gastronomy also go hand in hand because part of tourism is getting to know the country’s gastronomy and our ham is unique in the world.

Around the pig, there is a whole industry that enriches the country. Museums of the pork industry have also been created, which are attractions to know the history, the environment, food, slaughter and its cultural significance, derived products, the ingredients and condiments, the meat processing, the transformation processes of hams and sausages, their quality controls, etc.

In the last 50 years, the pork industry has gone from the family environment to the industrial field and, what had previously been done manually, finds a role with machines that stimulate and globalize work.

There are many museums around the Spanish meadows and Guijuelo in Salamanca has one of them, where they make known their Iberian pigs, their meadows of holm oaks, oaks and cork oaks offering a ham with the highest quality designation of origin, being the first recognized name to European level.

The tourism sector has been tremendously affected by this pandemic and everything points to the fact that this sector is going to suffer enormously because of this crisis. But this should not be a reason for our inland tourism not to take advantage to get to know and taste the gastronomy of these areas.

Castilla y León, Extremadura and regions of Andalusia and Castilla La Mancha are producers. It is a good time to make an incursion and get to know the gastronomy and landscapes of these communities as well as its museums, where you can learn the history of their regions.


Talsa is a manufacturer of medium and large capacity machinery for the meat industry, world leader in the food industry


Talsa is a manufacturer of medium and large capacity machinery for the meat industry, world leader in the food industry. This company, founded in 1900, has run 4 generations until today with the knowledge and industrial structure worthy of all the awards obtained including the Export Award from the Valencia Chamber of Commerce.

Talsa meets the requirements of the European standard in terms of quality and Safety and Hygiene. Its machines complete a process: cut-mince-knead-stuff and cook, so its catalog of medium and large capacity machines for sale has cutters, mincers, kneaders, fillers and cooking kettles ideal for meat-related companies or those that need a machine with a specific character.

In its facility, 6,000 m2 are available for a stock of finished machines and components that allows to provide an impeccable service of machine delivery and part replacement, offering the client the peace of mind they need, knowing that they will have their machine active in no time, in the event of a breakdown. It also provides a transport network, thanks to recognized agents with preferential agreements, such as by ship or air cargo, with express delivery to any part of the world every day of the year.

The Talsa machines have been designed to allow easy access to all its components, and thus enable convenient maintenance and easy cleaning thanks to the absence of corners that are difficult to access.

Stainless steel gives it a clean, aesthetic appearance and the blades and plates provide the highest strength and performance with energy efficient carbon steel motors.

The machines manufactured are distributed in more than 60 countries. What makes Talsa the leader is the network of direct agents who ensure installation and commissioning in the country with a technical service for perfect operation. Its distributors keep in touch with their customer and the factory constantly, with an order service with little margin for error thanks to a completely reliable online application regarding the parts of the referenced machines.

The R + D + i department does not cease in its desire to improve towards the path of excellence in every way in collaboration with its almost 200 suppliers.

The results to date are high quality machines at a competitive price.


Talsa prepares to return


Everything has its lights and its shadows, its faces and its crosses, its white and its black. The worldwide confinement due to the pandemic that has been caused by the spread of the COVID-19 virus has shown how vulnerable we are. A virus has put in check the  entire world, our health, our economy, our lives and our customs. We thought we were the kings of the universe and it turns out that with our confinement the planet breathes, the animals do not miss us, the sky is blue and the cities are silent to encourage reflection.

It is a moment in which our lives have been personally affected by somewhat absurd rules that we abide by for our own and common good, and at the same time have put our professional and business life in check. Only the public servants of the health and food sectors have been able to continue their activity, frantically, while the rest, confined at home, begins to think after the first weeks of seclusion, how many people, how many companies can be saved, how to get out of this slump without resorting to drastic measures.

Everyone appeals to solidarity, but the reality is that solidarity alone does not get a country going. Each individual contributes wealth to society as a whole and despite some measure adopted in this regard, we are alone and powerless.

Productions stop, the sales decrease and the orders are served with difficulties. This is a common denominator and we hope that the virus will be eradicated and gives us a break soon in order to undertake what we are launching. This is what our client Talsa tells us, who distributes worldwide machinery for the meat industry.

At least the communications between companies have become more fraternal, aware that behind them there are people whom we now see differently. People we have no personal relationship with but we still begin an email with “I hope you are well”. Perhaps it is the only thing to be thankful for, these commercial relationships nowadays. Thankful for the empathy from our clients and suppliers, for putting ourselves in the other’s place, for helping each other as much as possible; although, also the shadows of the Spain of picaresque is present, giving rise to people with the gift of opportunity at the expense of the misfortunes of others.

At Talsa, they continue to work so that the incorporation of their workers is safe, not skimping on protective measures while coming out of the crisis.


Talsa Mixers

The apple of my eye

Talsa is a manufacturer of machines for the meat industry and being a manufacturer implies the transformation of raw materials into a final product.

The industry manufactures its products on a large scale to meet the demand of its customers and potential new customers, and it is always necessary to comply with all the standards that have been legislated or standardized on the matter, such as the certification requirements of a given product that responds to all quality and performance standards established internationally.

The quality of the product must be guaranteed and in this manufacturing process, technology also plays a fundamental role, as an execution tool and an essential control management tool in this century.

Talsa’s distributors work hand in hand with their manufacturer maintaining a close and professional relationship. Internet and Sales and Management Application technologies make all orderings of machinery, order tracking, and exclusive parts orders much simpler.

At the heart of any manufacturer there is also an apple of his eyes, the one machine, or star product, the one that left him really satisfied for various reasons, for its sales, for its acceptance, for its excellence …

Talsa has a wide register of machines for the pork industry and although they all start from the same philosophy, Talsa’s mixers are the center, the apple of their eye.

Talsa’s mixers are specific for minced meat but also usable for many other food products.

It’s a simple machine but with a beautiful stainless steel finish that meets the requirements of tightness, security, speed control and automatic stop when the head is raised, allows kneading in both directions, shortening working time with its patented blade system, where one of the arms extracts the mass from the bottom and the other performs the reverse movement, which is easy to move and clean.




Talsa has long since decided to change its website. This leading company in machinery for the meat industry is in constant development and does not miss any opportunity to keep its website updated, from where it shows the full range of machines, its technical characteristics, its standard and optional equipment and all its catalog recently updated.

The TALSA machines, in stainless steel, look like works of art, simple but robust, without corners to facilitate cleaning, safe and designed to allow easy access to its components in order to facilitate their maintenance.

The design of Talsa’s machines is the result of R&D&i projects that have sometimes been carried out in cooperation with the Department of Mechanical Engineering of the Polytechnic University of Valencia resulting in the reduction of vibrations in the axis of the blades and the decrease of noise and vibrations in the chassis with silent drive transmission directed from a touch screen.

The Talsa mixing machines are responsible for preparing the minced meat for sausages of any kind, both for large farms and industrial meat processors.

Not only do they work for mincing meat for sausages, but they are also used for a wide range of poultry, fish, pastry or vegetarian products such as chopped pieces for new vegan burgers, processed cheeses or any food processing. The new models of mixers K120neo and K200neo cut, mix and emulsify all kinds of food with textures of all kinds, fine and thick.

The Talsa machines have undergone a strict control from verification bodies and advice on CE quality control and in terms of Health and Safety standards.  Talsa has also received the export award by the Valencia Chamber of Commerce so deserved for its work in the growth of machinery for the meat industry, being an exporter and maintaining distributors worldwide, with excellent management, from the reception of some of its components, manufacturing, sales through its distributors, delivery management by different means of transport and its after-sales and maintenance service 365 days a year.

Innovative design machines, TALSA machines.


Manufacturer of machinery for the food industry


Machines are here to stay and don’t stop surprising us with new functionalities; robots seem to be here to take away hours of work and not only in our working time but also at home to save us time to devote to something else. In fact, in the kitchens there are more and more robots that prepare a delicious dish by only investing the time to throw in the ingredients; the machine takes charge of everything else.

Talsa, is a manufacturer of machinery for the food industry and in its catalog, among others, are cooking kettles and mixers. These machines are a invaluable asset in schools and residences where menus are of vital importance. The fact of presenting a freshly made dish, without any additives or additional heating, supposes love for a work well done. Never will a subcontractor be able to beat the aroma and offer the sensation of “eating with your eyes”; because in addition, the presentation is totally different for a dish served on a table and another one on a tray or wrapped in cellophane, taking freshness from the dish and reducing its tastiness.

Machines are fundamental to quality control. We all know that the budget of a dish should not be stretched to satisfy purposes other than paying for suppliers and labor.

No wonder that news about scams in this regard and protests from fathers and mothers to banish “catering” practices is becoming the general trend.

A good canteen with professionals in charge would result in labor contracts, in a better and controlled diet with studied menus and in the satisfaction of the user and those responsible for the institution. Machines are at the service of men, but we must not forget that we can also humanize the work of machines.



IFFA is the innovation fair and future applications for the meat industry in Germany that took place on the first week of May.

About 50 countries participate in this international business fair gathering a total of 1.000 exhibitors. Approximately 30% of the participants are from Germany and the remaining 70% from countries like Italy, Spain, Netherlands, Denmark, China, Poland, USA and Belgium, among others.

The high percentage of visitor from outside Germany coincide in their satisfaction with the event, turning the IFFA in a world’ leading trade fair.

Companies representing the product segments of slaughtering and processing, refrigeration, automation, cleaning equipment, hygiene and occupational safety, measuring and weighing equipment, packaging and sales, ingredients, spices, additives, casings, among others gather at this fair to provide visitors from the meat industry with the latest developments in each sector.

Its origins go back to 1949 when, as part of a conference of the Butchers’ Association of the US Zone in Frankfurt am Main, an accompanying butchers’ exhibition was organised.

Messe Frankfurt is the world’s largest international trade fair, congress and event organiser with its own exhibition grounds that supports the growing meat industry with trade fairs in Argentina, Russia, China and Germany among other countries. Messe Frankfurt constitutes a link between supply and demand and between tendencies and market. Its fairs are a synonym of efficiency, quality and trust given its growth and international relationships at all levels, acting as a marketing partner for all its clients.  

Marketing is fundamental for the success and publicity of such an event. Therefore, Talsa makes itself present and, as the innovating company it is, in the manufacture of machinery for the meat industry, takes a place among all other international leading companies.