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Talking about the excellence of a company is easy. Putting them on the web, as well. You only need to write a text and publish it. In fact, there are many companies that write about their virtues without putting into practice a single one of them, or don’t care about their coherence to how they actually think focusing solely on the production.

The values of a company should not be commandments to follow, but they should reflect the values one thinks should be part of their enterprise. A company’s policy is based on the values inherent to all departments as company’s culture. The road to excellency is travelled by not neglecting any aspect that may prove key to stablish a difference and making others look at us admiringly because they know we deliver what we promise.

TALSA is a manufacturer of medium range machinery for the meat industry that has made a conscious effort to take care of its internal values along the continuous expansion of the company worldwide paying attention to all these aspects. Talsa’s management has been able to spread among its team the sense of responsibility for a job well done, offering a well-finished product, taking care of their commercialization as well as the implementation of its values, always listening to outside parties related to the company and their requests for investing in creativity of those who offer their ideas freely to improve their management.

Talsa is currently renovating its web site, which shall soon be published. Its distributors shall never be left behind, and so, Talsa offers an app only for them from which orders can be made of machinery and spare parts, useful, visual and at the same time reducing the service times and unnecessary waiting, errors and eventual returns.

Talsa has known to remain faithful to all its staff in order to be faithful to its clients in a transparent and responsible way. It knows the importance of being faithful from within in order to have stronger bonds to its clients and be resolute to maintain them.

In its website, Talsa specifies its commitment to responsibility, meeting production deadlines, immediate transportation of machinery and their parts anywhere, as well as their shipment on the same day the order was placed, daily support to its distributors all year long in over 60 countries, maintaining their quality and innovation at competitive prices.

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It has been a long time since Talsa, a producer of machinery for the meat industry, once decided to trust Aitana Multimedia to be one of its technological companies providing support. This company would be in charge of presenting on the Internet all of Talsa’s products and later on developing the application to manage its distributors.

Likewise, Aitana can say that Talsa has become one of its VIP and closest clients. There has been from the beginning a reciprocity in the way they both understand work, the thoroughness they do it with and their respect towards boundaries; getting pleasure from a job well done, and a virtue that accompanies us from the beginning: loyalty and trust. And once more, we are working side by side with Talsa on their new web project and a new order app for distributors to manage all orders of machinery and spare parts.

We consider Talsa to be a tireless worker always aiming towards excellence, always investing in expanding itself and working on its goals. Talsa is a company that characterizes for its dedication and perseverance, with a great team of technical professionals always working on a project and never diverting from the right track. They keep their eyes on all important aspects including production quality, but never leaving aside the human aspect. Talsa’s ability to keep its employees happy is also an incentive to maintain production quality as reciprocity. 

Behind every achieved goal there are hours of exhaustive work. Thus, it is no surprise that Talsa has become a renown brand in Spain and the world. Its distributors make their agility and good, responsible service seem easy. Talsa talks less, concentrates on the important and produces the right way and in an orderly manner.

Its medium range machinery: fillers, mixers, mincers, cutters and cookers are the result of over 100 years’ experience of the Talsa brand.

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Of Food Industry of Manufacturing of average capacity


Successful companies are those that survive through time maintaining their quality. But in order to become a successful company the internal values must be clear from the beginning and it is necessary to rely on tools in order to reach the goals set, being of extreme importance the transmission of those values to everyone involved in the company.

Establishing a corporate culture and transmitting it is the first step to carry out a strategy. As Aristotle said “we are what we repeatedly do”. Excellence thus is a habit.

Leadership in a company is essential for the management. The transmission of values to all employees in different departments so the end result is customer satisfaction requires the training and the initiative only an appropriate working environment can provide without any negative influences.

Innovation plays a key role in development, and it should be given as many chances as possible in order to avoid company stagnation. This should be done always taking into account the company’s strengths to boost them and aim for continuous improvement, a habit that will lead to excellence.

Those companies that provide training to their employees increase their confidence and loyalty towards the company making them feel the company’s values as their own. Results assessment must be performed in such way that technology, R+D+i and service are seen as part of the employees’ commitment

Talent should be not only available but also optimized to look for better solutions with a culture of continuous motivation in mind to improve goals and achieve excellence.

Talsa has maintained its leadership becoming world leader manufacturer of middle range machinery for the meat industry. 100 years of experience talk for themselves, reaching their world leading position thanks to a good management and their commitments. Their shared values help them reach their commitments, well-known by all its distributors to whom they entrust the sales of their machinery. Evidences of these shared values are the short manufacturing times, urgent transportation and delivery of spare parts, continuously upgraded machinery and professional distribution as well as service support.

The prepared table of commitments is made possible by the company’s structure and their non-stop effort to achieve excellence. The upgrading of their machines is a product of continuous research, the management surrounding itself with a team of the same philosophy and the sales being made by professionals.


Machynery for the cold cuts ndustry


Talsa is a company committed to quality and its norms meets the health and safety standards established by the European Community.  After 100 years’ experience in the meat industry sector, it was recognized with the Exportation Award granted by the Chamber of Commerce of Valencia.

The implementation of quality controls help companies ensuring and certifying that their products meet the minimum quality requirements and to detect any manufacturing error.

Talsa’s management has always aimed for excellence taking care of every detail. After conducting a very exhaustive quality project in all departments (manufacturing, administration, sales, customer support, distributors support, etc.), quality control has been implemented in an orderly way, not leaving room for improvising. Also, all the proper security and hygiene measures have been applied in both facilities and machinery.

Its machinery range for the cold cuts industry is known worldwide, but Talsa continues innovating to offer improvement and new features in their products with its constant R+D+i.

Obsessed with good service, Talsa presents on its website everything it stands for: production deadlines, urgent transportation of machinery, immediate shipment of spare parts, immediate attention to its distributors 365 days a year and distribution in over 60 countries.

Its website is simple but clear and its intranet specially designed for the management of its distributors, from where all orders can be seen as well as their status, the machinery specifications and a place to manage all administrative tasks is available without having to close any windows.

To manage all spare parts and their orders, the intranet presents a drawing of the machine with all pieces put apart so the order can be placed with a single click, thus preventing mistakes by being able to see the piece and its reference number at the same time.

Talsa has no direct contact with its clients but through its distributors, who guarantee the quality control Talsa has put so much effort on and which identifies it.

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Cooking kettles – Distributors - Talsa

Cooking kettles

Talsa distributors

The first cooking kettle may have been a metallic kettle, according to Wikipedia. A kettle is a cooking pot with a lid to use the steam when cooking. It can make us think of a pressure cooker. For the Spanish Royal Academy, it is exclusively a metallic pan.

The word comes from the French “marmite” and it is attributed to Denis Papin, as a result of his research on steam utilization. One of these models can be seen in the Railway Museum in Madrid. It was used to cook foods in less time, taking advantage of fast heating and pressure increase, and using a valve to release steam.

After becoming of common domestic use, now these machines are used in the industrial sector and big cooking kettles are used in schools, hotels, etc. There are electric and gas cooking kettles.

Talsa, leading company in the manufacture and export of machinery for the meat and meat processing industry, includes in its catalogue, among other products, cooking kettles for sale by its distributors. The more common are the electric ones, because they are easier to install and use, and they don’t need maintenance, except to check, once a year, the thermic fluid. They don’t need a chimney or a technical project. The gas cooking kettles are more expensive, but their Kcal consumption is lower and, as with all the gas appliances, they need an installation technician and regular inspections to comply with the Norm.

The cooking pans, as well as the burners are made of stainless steel and their technical characteristics are specified in this manufacturing company’s web page. Talsa only sells through its distributor network, to ensure technical advice and support, to give personal attention and maintain quality in all its products as well as an operation guarantee.

Talsa’s cooking kettles have the EU Community type-approval for gas appliances B11 category Applus laboratory www.applus.com

Talsa is a prestigious manufacturer across all the European Community and the international market.

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Meat processing machiney - sausage processing machineriTalsa wishes you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.