Ceilings and Aluminum carpentry – Airclos

Frameless balcony glazing


An innovative company

Ceilings and Aluminum carpentry

Metallic closings, doors and ceilings are the solution to enjoying open spaces at all times. Inclement weather does not force you to leave the room anymore, to look from the inside out. They protect exterior spaces that can now be enjoyed regardless of time and weather.

These new closings reminds of the fountains and gazebos of past centuries, that were surrounded by large windows, in addition to being a good method for the distribution and utilization of space, both external and internal, in order to optimize its use, for individuals as well as for companies.

Airclos is a company specialized in ceilings and aluminum carpentry which has grown adapting to its clients’ needs.

It is a young and dynamic company, which has successfully learned to adapt to new technologies. Its human capital together with its commitment and innovation has allowed it to grow rapidly within its sector, providing an image of professionalism, efficacy and transparency.

Their closings are suited for companies, construction professionals as well as individuals, in which case, they can be put in touch with the nearest installer.

Its sense of responsibility is the main reason that drives this company to offer courses for its clients, in order to teach them how to best install their products.

Accordion-type sliding doors and windows, retractable roofs, frameless balcony glazing and finishes are the specialty of Airclos, a company located in Spain, Paterna (Valencia).

Its sales have increased simultaneously with the improvement of its production processes, due to the customers’ demand for high quality products and excellent service. That’s the reason why quality control is always present, both during the production process and in the company’s management.

The after-sale service is flexible and comes with a safety warranty. Thanks to its expansion, Airclos is considered a competitive company which complies with European normative and standards.

You can find out more about Airclos and see its installations at Web page Airclos


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New website Talsa

Talsa renews its website

Talsa renews its website

Website responsive

Talsa, european leading manufacturer of machinery for the meat and food industry, has updated its Web page, with a 100% responsive design.

Talsa is not only a reference in Research, Development and Innovation (R+D+i) applied to the manufacturing and production of machinery for the meat and food industry, but it is also an example of a company that applies Information and Communication technologies, not only in the administrative area, but also in the design and development of prototypes for its assembly line, its customer service and technical support as well as its marketing campaign.

An example of this is the updating and renewal Talsa just made, of its corporate web page. It integrates the latest technological advances in adaptability to all mobile devices, being a totally responsive Web page that passes Google’s tests. The web design and programming has been executed by Aitana Multimedia.

The most important aspect of its new Web page is the effort being made to display with the highest possible level of detail its wide assortment of machinery for the meat and meat product industry. It has great profusion of close-ups photographs of its product line, fillers – stuffers, mixers, mincers – grinders, cutters, cookers – kettles,  where the level of the finish and quality of its products can be appreciated. The new Web page also offers complete technical information of each product available online and further information can be obtained by downloading the catalogues.

An important feature of Talsa’s Web page is a special access to registered distributors through which, and with a private and personalized access, they have a powerful online instrument for order processing and technical support.

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Fillers / Stuffers -Talsa

Fillers / Stuffers -Talsa

Fillers / Stuffers


Talsa’s machinery meets the European quality norms thanks to a broad experience on the industrial market of over 100 years, almost all dedicated to machinery for the meat and food industry.

Talsa has 5 star machines they feel very proud of. They are the result of their dedication to technology and are presented with optimal quality and finish.

We have already talked about the Talsa Mixers and this time we want to present another of its outstanding machines: the fillers/stuffers. As the name already indicates, they fill or thrust something into something else using pressure, in this case meat for making cold cuts.

Talsa’s fillers / stuffers work with high pressure suitable for compact or cold mixtures. They come with a speed control regulator situated near the operator for a precise adjustment of the product flow. Designed to be easy to work with, with wheels and a handle for easy movement and they are easy to clean.

The manual portioning device is an accessory that fits on the end of the meat barrel of the Talsa filler/stuffer. Operated with a lever with forward/back position, it obtains consistent volume dosage for different measures and weights required with a high level of precision.

Another accessory is a funnel with a non-drip cutting valve that can be adapted to fill tins and recipients.

To guarantee supplying and maintenance, Talsa does all the selling through their distributors, who guarantee the quality and professionalism reflected in the company’s philosophy. All accessories are perfectly assembled to the machines. This gains the client’s trust and ensures functioning without waiting time.

On the web page and online catalog of their machinery is available together with all the technical specifications, pictures and videos that show how the machines work.

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Machinery for the Food Industry – Talsa

Machinery for the Food Industry

Machinery for the Food Industry

When processing a meat product, specific and specialized machinery is required, just like a good cook needs household tools for cutting, grinding and mixing.

The quality of the raw material determines the quality of the final product. And it is just as important to work with high quality meat as is the quality of the added ingredients.

The production process begins with the selection of the meat, followed by its cutting or grinding on “cutter”-type machines. The resulting mass must be then mixed on special meat mixers with a rotating blade system for a soft, homogenous and compact mix. Occasionally, and only for specific products, stuffers are later used.

On the XIX century, the industrial revolution would also affect the food production, transforming it from a handicraft work into an industrialized process.

Discoveries such as the sterilization process, the use of glass, ice making and cooling systems allowed the refrigerated transportation of food. So this was a crucial century for experimental science. Technology and food preservation gave way to the Major Food Industry.

Talsa is a company that manufactures machinery for the food and food processing industries. It has done so for generations and always paying attention to details, to the selection of the adequate raw materials, to obtaining a perfect finish, to a carefully planned and technologically supported product. This has earned the company a privileged position on the market with a brand label and a European distribution network with its own seal.






Their stainless steel machines are the result of a job well done. Of their dreams made true thanks to engineering.

Meat processing machiney - sausage processing machineri

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Machinery for the Food Industry.

Food Processing Machinery.

Talsa, Talsabell.

Talsa is a world leading company in the export of machinery for the food and food processing industry. Since its beginnings in 1900, four generations have worked hard to consolidate the brand and make it a synonym of quality. The range of Talsa CE machinery meets all European safety and health standards.

Talsa has always been concerned for excellence, which reflects in the machinery’s finish and technical details. A good management is very important to its executives, who supervise all departments following an ethic code of conduct at work and spreading this vision within their teams.

It is very important that they all become imbued with this code: managers, executives, employees, providers, distributors, clients, etc., in order to guarantee and balance all interests of the stakeholders.

You cannot obtain a good product without an ethical foundation to operate and implement new ideas while keeping high standards during the entire process, in order to offer the best possible image of the company and the end product. The product sells, but the added value is the result of good management. It is important to also take care of the product packaging in order to protect a very special part of it: an honest and responsible work.

To safeguard this, we have a carefully chosen distributors chain for our machines for the food industry that sell all over the world. It does not only takes care of selling the product, but also offers the added value of installation, technical support and maintenance.

Accuracy and honesty are extremely important to Talsa. These values are set in all internal and external control and management systems.

All of Talsa’s machinery for the food industry: mixers, fillers/stuffers, mincers/grinders, cutters, etc., offer high Quality Control standards, as a result of consulting the CE Quality Control and being certified by various European organisms.

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Meat Mixers – Talsa


Meat Mixers

Talsa is a world leader manufacturer of machinery for the meat industry and one its leading products is the mixer.

It sells exclusively through their distributors; therefore, guaranteeing a serious sales process and complete technical support. One aspect that characterizes this company is the scrupulous attention to detail during the manufacturing process and their well-researched and certified sales methodology. Thus, ensuring the proper installation of their machinery and maintenance of their products by authorized Talsa professionals.

If you know Talsa, you know we are talking about warranty and quality and meeting all necessary norms. It is not about meeting the standard, but fully complying with it.

The mixer is one of its well-known and most demanded products. Made entirely of stainless steel with one or two motors, envisioned and developed to be completely safe to use to avoid accidents and optimize performance. With a perfect finish and available in two presentations: economy and professional.

Characteristics of Talsa’s mixers:

  • Made entirely of stainless steel.
  • Exclusive patented dual armed system: while one arm stirs the product from the bottom to the top of the bowl, the other arm simultaneously stirs it from the top to the bottom, thus reducing the mixing time.
  • The mixture does not rub against the bowl.
  • Pneumatically assisted opening head. Auto-stop when head is raised.
  • Tilting bowl for easy cleaning.
  • Resistant transparent cover with holes for adding mixture. Sealed base.
  • Wheels for easy movement.

The best choice!

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Talsa – Quality and Excellence in their Machinery Production

Talsa - Quality and Excellence in their Machinery Production

It is easy to talk about the excellence of this European company since it became one of the world-leading companies on the production of machinery for the meat industry.

On this post, we would not like to talk again about their production quality or the quality of the end product due to their uncompromising attention to detail. This needs no further demonstration since the good image of the brand and its sale rates can speak for themselves. However, we would like to mention the responsibility of their managers and the loyalty of their employees that demand and meet all the commitments and norms relating to production, administration, sales and after-sales.

Reaching a mutual understanding of both aspects is reaching a common ground of how things must be done.

Since the Bellochs started their small family business in the 1900 and opened their small workshop, the common denominator of their success in all the projects they undertake is organization and hard work. Also, they complement their solid business structure with innovation and the implementation of all the necessary quality control systems and norms that can lead the company to success.

Talsa, the commercial Brand of Talsabell is a reference of innovation in the world of machinery for the meat industry and has a with a wide distribution network.

All the machines, fillers, mixers, mincers and grinders, cutters and cooking kettles, made in stainless steel with an impeccable presentation and performance, come out of the factory in Valencia meeting the CE Health and Safety Standards. This is a result of over 100 years of effort, recognized by the Exportation Award granted by the Chamber of Commerce of Valencia, Spain

Their distribution network makes it possible to include the installation and after-sales services as a part of their compromise to quality and determination to being a top brand. Through these services, they are able to keep track of registries, identification information and components of the machines, helping them improve every day a little more.

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Machinery for the meat industry

Machinery for the meat industry

Machinery for the meat industry

The year 2015 presents new challenges and opportunities for Talsa, a manufacturer of machinery for the meat industry and leading company in the “medium-capacity sector” that exports most of its production.

One of the main characteristics of Talsa is its commitment to innovation and the high quality of its products, among which we highlight:


Talsa offers a line of hydraulic driven piston fillers, with a capacity ranging from 15 to 52 liters. These fillers can be complemented with a manual portioning device.

Meat mixers

The meat mixers are made entirely of stainless steel. Their capacity varies from 35 to 275 liters. Two models, with 1 and 2 engines, are available.

Meat mincers and grinders

Table top or free-standing machines with capacities ranging from 22 to 130 liters.


A wide range of industrial cutters, both electronic and electrical, is available. There are also machines for smaller businesses, with different options and accessories.

Cooking Kettles

Both electric and gas cooking kettles are available, with capacities ranging from 160 to 500 liters. These kettles have advanced and improved characteristics.


All the machinery manufactured by Talsa for the meat industry is subjected to a large number of quality controls certified by the European Union, with verification and consulting agencies like AIMME, SERING, ICEM, LGAI, APPLUS and LSAE.

Technical Support

Talsa sells exclusively to distributors and offers complete technical support and a wide stock of spare parts. The more than 100 years of operation of Talsa and its European leadership in the meat industry sector endorses Talsa’s products.

Talsa has a complete Web page through which clients can access the detailed information they require related to the machinery for the meat and food processing industry, and the contact details.

In the same Web page, a powerful intranet is available for distributors. Through this intranet they have access to several procedures. For example, they can place orders for spare parts in a fast and easy way.


We recommend visiting Talsa’s Youtube video channel where videos of Talsa’s wide range of machinery are available.

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More than 100 years of industrial and business experience

Talsa Happy New Year 2015

Talsa, more than 100 years of industrial and business experience.

With each passing year, in Talsa, Talsabell, we reaffirm our commitment to our clients, providers and friends. More than 100 years and four generations of the Belloch family, have accomplished an awesome transformation. What started as a little mechanical workshop, established in the year 1900, has become an international reference in the production of processing machinery for the meat industry.

More than 80 years in the meat and food industry.

In just a few years, the little mechanical workshop grew and specialized in the manufacturing of machinery for the meat and food processing industry. Talsa has now more than 80 years of experience in this area.

The machinery manufactured by Talsa for the meat industry is exported to different countries all around the world and is recognized for its quality.

Fillers, stuffers, mixers, mincers, grinders, cutters and cooking kettles with different capabilities and functions, are included in the complete Talsa catalogue of machinery for the meat and food processing industry.

Commitment to Quality

As most of Talsa’s production is destined for export markets, especially for the European Union, Talsa’s commitment to quality is part of its identity. Talsa is associated with different Quality Control verification and advisory agencies such as AIMME, SERING, ICEM, LGAI, APPLUS+ y LSAE.

Happy New Year 2015

Talsa wants to end this year with a New Year’s greeting through a video clip. It shows the range of products in which Talsa is world leader, that is, the manufacturing of medium capacity machinery for the meat and food processing industry.

This blog’s editorial team wishes Talsa great success for the coming year 2015.

Watch video with higher quality YouTube Channel Talsa

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Machinery for the Meat Industry

Mincers - Grinders

Machinery for the Meat Industry

Innovation- Talsa, Talsabell

On this article, we will discuss the importance innovation has on the meat industry, specifically on the manufacturing of food processing machinery.

We will refer to a Spanish company, located in Valencia, with international projection and more than 100 years of experience. We will comment about Talsabell, known to the public under the commercial name of Talsa.

Becoming a world leader within the food industry, in the manufacturing of average capacity, quality food processing machinery has only been possible by establishing R+D+i (research, development and innovation) as a priority from the beginning.

The following machine models are highly demanded and valued by clients in the food industry:

Talsa works with a highly qualified team looking for constant technological evolution, participating in international fairs and acquiring the necessary knowledge to improve their machinery for the food processing industry. One example are the Mincers / Grinders shown on the picture of this article.

Talsas innovation can also be seen in the relationship it has with its clients by means of new technologies. Through its web page’s Intranet, clients can access all the information they require related to machinery and spare parts and they can place orders in a fast and easy way.

One special characteristic of Talsa is the transparency on the information and presentation of its products. Apart from attending to international fairs, it offers a very detailed catalog with all the information on their machinery for the food industry. This information can be accessed through its web page and the machinery can even be viewed in a more realistic way watching the videos added to Talsa’s YouTube Channel.

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