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Cooking kettles for the meat industry

Automatic cookers kettles Talsa


Talsa updates its catalog

Talsa, a company in which we have repeatedly commented on this blog, an international benchmark in the manufacture of medium-capacity machinery for the meat industry, has just updated its range of electric automatic cooking kettles for the meat industry.

It has stopped manufacturing gas kettles to focus exclusively on electric kettles.

It has a range of 165, 250, 335, 505 and 725 liters, with different options:

Advance features

  • Lid opens and closes effortlessly
  • Safety drain tap
  • Rounded corners, perfect cleaning
  • High quality thermal isolation
  • Digital time and temperature control
  • Hot and cold water inlet taps
  • Silicone gasket
  • All in stainless steel including the interior
  • 2 Internal safety thermostats
  • Adjustable s/s feet

Homogeneous cooking, programable and energy saving

Thermal oil bath

  • All models include an intermediate stainless-steel thermal oil chamber, internal expansion chamber, high-performance thermal fluid and internal drainage tap.
  • The thermal oil chamber allows uniform heat distribution for better cooking and practically eliminates the possibility of burning foods as well as maintaining the initial heat for the following cooking, saving energy.
  • Time required to heat chamber filled with cold water from ±20°C to ±90ºC: ±80 minutes if the thermal transfer fluid is cold (less if filled with pre-heated water); Next loads approx. half time when all liquids and metal are already hot.
  • Sides and cover are isolated with fireproof fiberglass and aluminum sheathing.

Digital, programable control unit

  • German control unit Aditec MKA-120 allows precise programming of cooking time & temperature.
  • Optional manual probe to measure core temperature of large pieces and perform temperature delta cooking.
  • Programable delayed program start at any desired time & day.
  • Control unit mounted on separate switchboard with 7 m cable.
  • Buzzer to alert at the end of cycle.


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Talsa, innovative company


All of Talsa’s machinery are made of stainless steel. They are medium-range machinery for the meat industry and they are easy to use combining both manual and automatic ergonomic elements for the user’s comfort.

Thanks to the invention of stainless steel in the XX century, offering a greater resistance against corrosion, machinery nowadays are cleaner and last longer and are used in different markets, among them household appliances, exhaust pipes for the automobile industry, jewelry making, construction and the food industry. It is also successfully used in the medical industry for additionally having an aesthetic value and it is being used on prostheses and surgical instruments. It’s a material that fully satisfies all demands that require its characteristics.

The machinery range that Talsa distributes covers a wide range of solutions for the production of cold meats, and in the case of the stuffers, a portioning device can be adapted in order to ensure precise and consistent volume dosage.

The mixers, grinders, cutters and kettles have also won Talsa’s customer trust and are responsible for its reputation as world leader in the industry when it comes to the fabrication, delivery times, urgent delivery and parts replacement of their machinery, all done through its distributors with a commitment for immediate attention every day of the year.

Talsa distributes in 60 countries and it’s all possible thanks to the direct agents working for the company that offer specialized and personalized installation as well as technical support.

Talsa doesn’t exclusively sale its machinery but also offers a year-round after sales service guaranteeing always top quality. The electrical components of their machinery are simple and lack any complex electronic programming, they are accessible and reliable.

An innovative company with more than 100 years’ experience. Reason enough to trust this brand.