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Machinery for the meat industry | Talsa

Machinery for the meat industry | Talsa

With the global pandemic crisis partly over, the food industry is making a strong comeback.

In the machinery manufacturing sector for the meat industry, companies such as Talsa are consolidating their leadership.

In Talsa’s case, one of the keys to maintaining its position as a world leader in the manufacture of medium-capacity machinery for the meat industry, even during the pandemic, has been its permanent commitment to innovation.

The continuous investment in Research, Development and Innovation has made Talsa a worldwide recognized brand.

Its range of machinery consists of:

Hydraulic meat stuffers

The machines have been designed to allow easy access to all their components, for easy maintenance and cleaning.

View more information about meat stuffers

Kneaders, meat mixers

The exclusive “TALSA Soft Mixing System” paddle system performs a double job: while one of the arms extracts the dough from the bottom of the trough to the surface, the other performs the reverse process at the same time, doubling the machine’s output and halving the kneading time.

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Mincers, meat grinders

L&W Germany blades and plates supplied with Talsa grinders are made of carbon steel of the highest strength and durability.

This cutting material stands out for its very low wear, greatly prolonging the life and file of blades and plates, also avoiding the contamination of metal particles in the meat when using weak stainless steel elements.

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Meat cutters

Talsa has a wide range of meat cutters models with capacities of 15, 30, 50, 80, 120 and 205 liters.

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 Cooking kettles for meat

Different models with capacities of 165, 250, 335, 505 and 725 liters and different optimized powers for each model allow a homogeneous cooking with an important control of energy saving.

All models have a thermal oil chamber (double boiler).

View more information about meat cooking kettles

 This leading position in its sector is the result of the maturity achieved after 100 years of industrial experience, more than 80 of which in the meat and food machinery sector.



Talsa has just released its Supreme Kneader-Mixers 2022. The star machine of this manufacturer incorporates new functionalities resulting from its continuous path towards excellence.

Its collaboration with the University of Valencia and its industrial suppliers bear fruit and these continuous research works result in the improvement of its machines for the food industry.

There are five machines with some different models that make up the Talsa catalogue and are essential for Spanish and international butchers.

  • Fillers
  • Kneaders
  • Choppers
  • Cutters
  • Kettles

All of them are medium capacity machines for the meat industry, all complementary to each other and all with a thorough quality control carried out by EC quality assurance and advisory bodies.

Quality is one of the values that has made Talsa a world leader in the food industry, due to the materials used, simple and safe handling and easy cleaning, among many other characteristics, resulting in a current and robust product at a fair price.

Its machines are sold all over the world. A

Another of its strengths is service, both in the delivery of the machines and the spare parts. The immediate attention to its distributors all over the world is a guarantee of good commercial management.

100 years of service to the meat industry are enough for a company born and raised in our country and with an export experience that has been secured thanks to the inheritance and good work of its managers and administrators.

Talsa facilities offer an image of cleanliness, security, and order that in plain sight already confirms all their leadership commitment.

Spain is a country of contrasts and opposites, there are many companies that have opted for new technologies since the beginning of the digital change. Some have always known how to be in the spotlight of the most innovative commercial demands, of image and of advertising with a know-how developed from the base and creating a solid network, understanding that the only way to be is walking towards the excellence and being competitive by taking certain risks.

Others, on the other hand, crouch down and grow with fear, little by little. The use of the internet, email, online shops, apps, etc., have not yet taken hold in this country that still interacts analogically for the most part.

Talsa has been able to provide through its website and in its dedicated access to its distributors a specific sales application very visual with expanded views of the different machines which facilitates ordering machines and their different parts.

One of its slogans is “Always innovating”.


Talsa presents its range of Mixers 2022 Suprem

Talsa, market Leader in the Global Food Industry.

New models 2022 Suprem

The universal mixer: especially designed for meat and many other applications.

  • Classic design of mixing machine, emulating the turning of the human hands and arms.
  • Powerful “double-spoon” paddle that performs dual mixing at each turn: dough up & dough down, copying the manual human process of stirring and churning.
  • The diagonal attack angle of the mixing paddle hardly squeezes the dough against the bowl but rather mingles it gently with the same smooth dough.
  • New optimized attack angle of the mixing paddle, designed
    in collaboration with the fluids department of the Polytechnic University of Valencia.
  • Central bowl column in all models, acting as a divider, homogenizing the dough even more.
  • New bowl scraper in all models, removes possible adhesions on the side like spices, etc., returning it to the mixing zone, unifying all parts of the mixture.
  • Paddle is very easy to clean, without the need to disassemble.
  • The perfect traditional mixing that the meat and food sector demands.

Advantages at a glance

  • Reinforced, all stainless construction.
  • Pneumatically assisted rising of the machine head for effortless elevation and lowering.
  • Two s/s swivel casters with brake and two fixed wheels for easy movement.
  • Food approved plastic lid with holes for addition. Avoids contact of the operator with the paddle and prevents external contamination.
  • Powerful motors and strong gearboxes to easily mix even compact and cold mixtures.
  • 3-Phase motors with double voltage (permits changing the voltage).
  • Automatic stop when lifting the machine head.
  • Sealed & secure low voltage electric switchboxes.
  • Hermetically closed machine base prevents intrusion of water or dirt.
  • Easy cleaning due to the absence of hard to reach corners.
  • Bowl and paddle are folding to ease unloading and cleaning.
  • Hygienic control panel, IP55, with membrane push-buttons.

Machines designed to mix minced meat, but usable for many other food products.

Download catalog mixer models 2022 Suprem




The Internet and the digital revolution bring with them an industrial revolution. The implementation of Industry 4.0 will deal with the investment of the public and private sectors to carry out the new challenges that are already underway which we must join.

I don’t remember where, but the other day I heard someone say that if he started to watch a series at night, he would would watch it till dawn because he watched one episode after the other.

That makes me wonder if the TV numbs us with our passive consumption or if we knowingly allow it, given that we have freedom of choice.

Taking into account the late hours when television begins to broadcast movies and taking into account the time dedicated to advertising, we can conclude that we sleep little and that this translates into low productivity.

I do not know about other European countries, but Spaniards are night owls by nature and I think that this way of being has nothing to do with being Mediterranean. It has to do with, as we would say in Valencian, the meninfotisme, that carefree character.

In other neighboring countries, schedules are orientated towards effective working. People get up early, eat earlier and at five or six in the afternoon they have finished their working day so they have time for family and beers. They go to sleep early, which provides a break for productivity and a healthier life.

It is not surprising then that industrially they are also more prosperous and avant-garde in technological transformations and inventions.

Not all Spanish companies lack this ideology. There are also those that bet on these models that carry part of the business success, as is the case of our client Talsa, who is always in a position to improve their machines by relying on technology and R&D. Its leadership worldwide is the result of it being an innovative and technological company.

The German industry, for example, manufactures highly innovative and complex products. Its economic power is based on its innovative capacity and its investment in R&D, contributing to it both in the personal and business life.

The great trends of digitization such as artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, intelligent systems, electronic commerce, etc. are the great challenges we have to face and focus on if we do not want to stay behind while watching TV.



Talsa is a manufacturer and distributor of machines for the meat Industry and within its range the star product is its kneader.

Talsa´s medium capacity machinery stands out in the market, having achieved worldwide leadership in the meat Industry.

The company was founded in 1900 and has been growing ever since, thanks to the search for quality for which no effort or investment has been spared.

What at first was a pursuit of machinery excellence, has developed into the search for brand quality. Through time, this vision has consolidated the initial I+ D+ i plan into a company with a character imposed from its policy of dedication to management and logistics.

No detail in Talsa is left unattended by the eyes of its Management, which tries to always keep up with the latest technological developments to incorporate them into the company, to make Talsa a leading company in terms of technology, Human Resources, Security and company policy.

The Talsa machinery catalog is reduced to five machine functionalities: stuffers, mixers, mincers, cutters and kettles, but all of them have different models and sizes whose characteristics and advantages are improved with every new model.

In general, they are robust machines, easy to clean keeping in mind the hygiene that this sector requires, simple and safe.

They have been designed to allow access to all its components, and thus enabling comfortable maintenance and cleaning.

Among all its machines, the mixers are TALSA’s star, and their blade system has been patented. This blade system performs a double job, while one of the arms drives the dough from the bottom to the surface, the other performs the reverse process, doubling the revival of the machine and reducing the kneading time in half.

Its distributor network allows a secure work, because through this network Talsa is incorporated to the market. An online work system is in place to order machines and spare parts 365 days a year.


Medium capacity machinery for the meat industry

There is no doubt that the meat industry is one of the great engines of the world economy, mainly in developed countries.

According to the FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations), meat production as a whole (beef, chicken and pork) has remained during 2020 at the same level as in 2019 despite the effects of  Covid 19.

The meat industry moves around a multitude of sectors, from feed producers, pharmaceutical industry, livestock, slaughterhouses, wholesale and retail trade, through the auxiliary industry such as machinery for handling and processing of meat products, generating as a whole millions of jobs around the world.

Within the sector of machinery for the meat industry, we find in Europe a world leading company in the manufacture of medium-capacity machinery for the meat industry. This is TALSA, a company that began as a small mechanical workshop founded in 1900 and has ended up being one of the most important companies in its sector, due to its commitment to quality, innovation and commitment to its customers, as it sells exclusively to distributors.

In its manufacturing line it has focused on a range of machinery that includes:

  • Four models of hydraulic piston fillers/stuffers, with different powers and capacities and their corresponding accessories.
  • Four models of mixers with three equipments and four capacities (30, 65, 95 and 165 liters) to choose from and an exclusive patented paddle system.
  • Six models of mincers/grinders with different options and capacities, with a base entirely in stainless steel.
  • Six models of cutters/choppers with capacities ranging between 15 and 205 liters, with models aimed at both small artisans and medium professionals and industrialists.
  • Five models of automatic electric cookers/kettles with capacities from 165 to 725 liters.

On TALSA’s website, we can access all the extended information on the indicated machinery, in different languages (English, French, German and Spanish). Download of the complete information brochures in PDF format is also available.




Talsa is a manufacturer of medium capacity machines for the meat industry.

Today, we will talk about its cutters machines, tools that are present in many jobs and in many sectors.

The Talsa K50neo and K80neo mixer cutters have been designed for the production of minced meats of all kinds, from artisan production to large butcher shops mainly.

Used in delicatessens for the preparation of fine doughs and the production of minced meat, they are also suitable for products such as poultry, fish, pastries, vegetables, processed cheese and other products of the food industry.

They mix and emulsify all kinds of food products achieving different textures, and are very easy to use, clean and safe.


  • 7” Touch Screen
  • 6 membrane buttons for the most used functions
  • Digital display of gear, revolutions, temperature, running time and current time
  • Automatic stop after elapsed time
  • Display of maintenance and service intervals

With the following options

  • Interactive recipe guide
  • User administrator
  • Recording of data
  • Production Plan

Talsa, in its effort to improve its machines, is committed to R + D + i for the improvement and updating of its machinery.

These two examples are the result of cooperation with the Polytechnic University of Valencia, Department of Mechanical Engineering for vibration and sound reduction:

  • Design with 3D models on computer
  • Reduction of vibrations in the axis of the blades
  • Reduction of noise and vibrations in the chassis
  • Silent drive transmission.

Its universal sense of progress makes Talsa strive to improve its professional digital machines to increase productivity, each time with more power and more advanced functions without forgetting the distribution and all the agents involved.

To complete the circle, Talsa has made some commitments regarding quality and excellence of the manufacturing deadlines, urgent transport, the shipment of spare parts and its immediate attention to distributors every day of the year.


Talsa, meat industry machinery


Talsa is a manufacturer of medium-capacity machinery for the meat industry specialized in the manufacture of machinery for cold meats.

Having a quality product makes it much easier when launching into foreign trade and Talsa, additionally, has a distribution network for its machines all over the world.

Its success is based especially on knowing how to combine tradition with modernity, the initial entrepreneurial spirit with experience, the commercial vision and the obligatory use of new technologies and management.

Talsa has managed to sneak into the international market taking good advantage of its strengths and abandoning a very Spanish tendency such as relying on luck.

Training is part of its corporate culture, but Talsa knows perfectly well that a curriculum is but a pillar and with only one pillar a project cannot be sustained.  A failure in American culture means learning for a new beginning, a boost to the final career. In Spain, this is considered a defeat. Perhaps also because we tend to copy, except in those cases where the basis given by training sustains the experience and knowledge of the market and business culture.

To know a market, you have to know not only the legislation, but the customs and characteristics of its people, which also give us the keys to both successes and failures. The punctuality so forgotten here in our country, the use of the distinctive title and the tedious meetings scheduled on a random basis, are not necessary for example in Germany. They do not worship studies, these being the culmination after the ability to work and experience. They appreciate honesty, knowing how to get to the point and knowing how to listen, as well as order, ecology … all this determines a character and also the cult of companies.

Traveling opens our eyes because we tend to become vitiated by what surrounds us and, in this sense, companies must open themselves, if not to international markets, to the knowledge of the procedures in other countries in order to be able to develop a global character that enriches them.

Any business done with a company taking the role of the user leaves a lasting impression on the client regarding both quality and service.

Reliability and commitment of companies with management and with clients make a lasting impression, and at the end, is what differentiates a leading company.


Machinery for the meat industry



Talsa has a range of machinery for the meat industry with which it closes the cycle for the manufacture of good sausages and other food products.

The machines arrived and with them the necessary help to make our lives easier both in the industry and at home. Talsa offers the sale of these machines through its distributors, especially to butchers, although they can be useful in other establishments.

Talsa machines have distinctive characteristics of Talsa quality, the material with which they have been designed, such as stainless steel, offers a clean and robust appearance while being easy to access and easy to maintain and clean.

Talsa’s stuffers have an engine start and stop with a knee pad, without hands and among their benefits, less wear, noise, temperature and electrical consumption, and a longer life of the oil, pump and hydraulic group.

The high-powered Talsa mixers with assisted head opening, easy cleaning without hard-to-reach corners and automatic stop as soon as the head is opened.

Talsa’s mincers completely made in high quality stainless steel perform better mincing as the meat does not receive any heat from the motor and its blades are made of carbon steel of the highest resistance and duration.

Talsa Digital Industrial Cutters cut and emulsify all types of meats and other food products with a touch screen control, more capacity and advanced functions.

We finish the circle with the Talsa electric automatic cooking kettles with hot and cold water filling taps, completely in stainless steel and adjustable feet, effortless opening, safety drain cock, clean, quality thermal insulation and temperature and time programmer.

The manufacturing period is practically immediate, being able to assemble small machines in 1 or 2 working days and 1 or 2 weeks for large capacity industrial machines. And together with its fast delivery by any means of transport around the world, Talsa makes a leading company worldwide with professional distribution.




Talsa is a manufacturer of medium capacity machines for the meat industry.

Recognition is the action of appreciating or thanking a received good. Talsa has been able to earn that recognition, first in its country and later internationally. But everything is the result of a thorough and meticulous work that has been developing gradually under the strictest standards.

Success is not a matter of luck. There may be bad luck, but when a company progressively advances it means that it has created a solid foundation, and that has been Talsa’s key to success. In addition to creating a team based on professionalism and trust, it has directed its efforts on a common goal and the satisfaction of the workers is something that Talsa has not neglected since 1900, when the first generation of the Belloch family began their journey.

Three generations later and with the commitment to new technologies and quality under controls of verification and advisory bodies based on European standards, it has won awards such as the export award obtained from the Valencia Chamber of Commerce.

By having a goal and creating a sense of belonging, Talsa has achieved a model company.

It has also developed a sales system through its distributors, who manage their customers directly with a great delivery support offered by the company and with an impeccable delivery of parts in 48 hours for maintenance and repair anywhere in the world.

Since today’s successful companies base their success on the immediate delivery of a desire, of a purchase made by impulse or more conscientiously, delivery services will have to be taken into account.

Small companies have not been able to adapt to this requirement, which at the end will result in their downfall. When we go to a local store looking for a good and this is not available, the seller will offer to check its availability and come back to us. When it does not happen or the delay is too great to ignore, they will lose the client. And once a client goes away, it is simply too difficult to recover.

The delivery has partly become important for the success. An impersonal service is destined for doom. However, a personalized one is key to success, which is why Talsa contemplates immediate delivery times, because nowadays it is sign of quality and commercial excellence.