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Talsa presents its range of Mixers 2022 Suprem

Talsa, market Leader in the Global Food Industry.

New models 2022 Suprem

The universal mixer: especially designed for meat and many other applications.

  • Classic design of mixing machine, emulating the turning of the human hands and arms.
  • Powerful “double-spoon” paddle that performs dual mixing at each turn: dough up & dough down, copying the manual human process of stirring and churning.
  • The diagonal attack angle of the mixing paddle hardly squeezes the dough against the bowl but rather mingles it gently with the same smooth dough.
  • New optimized attack angle of the mixing paddle, designed
    in collaboration with the fluids department of the Polytechnic University of Valencia.
  • Central bowl column in all models, acting as a divider, homogenizing the dough even more.
  • New bowl scraper in all models, removes possible adhesions on the side like spices, etc., returning it to the mixing zone, unifying all parts of the mixture.
  • Paddle is very easy to clean, without the need to disassemble.
  • The perfect traditional mixing that the meat and food sector demands.

Advantages at a glance

  • Reinforced, all stainless construction.
  • Pneumatically assisted rising of the machine head for effortless elevation and lowering.
  • Two s/s swivel casters with brake and two fixed wheels for easy movement.
  • Food approved plastic lid with holes for addition. Avoids contact of the operator with the paddle and prevents external contamination.
  • Powerful motors and strong gearboxes to easily mix even compact and cold mixtures.
  • 3-Phase motors with double voltage (permits changing the voltage).
  • Automatic stop when lifting the machine head.
  • Sealed & secure low voltage electric switchboxes.
  • Hermetically closed machine base prevents intrusion of water or dirt.
  • Easy cleaning due to the absence of hard to reach corners.
  • Bowl and paddle are folding to ease unloading and cleaning.
  • Hygienic control panel, IP55, with membrane push-buttons.

Machines designed to mix minced meat, but usable for many other food products.

Download catalog mixer models 2022 Suprem

Medium capacity machinery for the meat industry

There is no doubt that the meat industry is one of the great engines of the world economy, mainly in developed countries.

According to the FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations), meat production as a whole (beef, chicken and pork) has remained during 2020 at the same level as in 2019 despite the effects of  Covid 19.

The meat industry moves around a multitude of sectors, from feed producers, pharmaceutical industry, livestock, slaughterhouses, wholesale and retail trade, through the auxiliary industry such as machinery for handling and processing of meat products, generating as a whole millions of jobs around the world.

Within the sector of machinery for the meat industry, we find in Europe a world leading company in the manufacture of medium-capacity machinery for the meat industry. This is TALSA, a company that began as a small mechanical workshop founded in 1900 and has ended up being one of the most important companies in its sector, due to its commitment to quality, innovation and commitment to its customers, as it sells exclusively to distributors.

In its manufacturing line it has focused on a range of machinery that includes:

  • Four models of hydraulic piston fillers/stuffers, with different powers and capacities and their corresponding accessories.
  • Four models of mixers with three equipments and four capacities (30, 65, 95 and 165 liters) to choose from and an exclusive patented paddle system.
  • Six models of mincers/grinders with different options and capacities, with a base entirely in stainless steel.
  • Six models of cutters/choppers with capacities ranging between 15 and 205 liters, with models aimed at both small artisans and medium professionals and industrialists.
  • Five models of automatic electric cookers/kettles with capacities from 165 to 725 liters.

On TALSA’s website, we can access all the extended information on the indicated machinery, in different languages (English, French, German and Spanish). Download of the complete information brochures in PDF format is also available.

Cooking kettles for the meat industry

Automatic cookers kettles Talsa


Talsa updates its catalog

Talsa, a company in which we have repeatedly commented on this blog, an international benchmark in the manufacture of medium-capacity machinery for the meat industry, has just updated its range of electric automatic cooking kettles for the meat industry.

It has stopped manufacturing gas kettles to focus exclusively on electric kettles.

It has a range of 165, 250, 335, 505 and 725 liters, with different options:

Advance features

  • Lid opens and closes effortlessly
  • Safety drain tap
  • Rounded corners, perfect cleaning
  • High quality thermal isolation
  • Digital time and temperature control
  • Hot and cold water inlet taps
  • Silicone gasket
  • All in stainless steel including the interior
  • 2 Internal safety thermostats
  • Adjustable s/s feet

Homogeneous cooking, programable and energy saving

Thermal oil bath

  • All models include an intermediate stainless-steel thermal oil chamber, internal expansion chamber, high-performance thermal fluid and internal drainage tap.
  • The thermal oil chamber allows uniform heat distribution for better cooking and practically eliminates the possibility of burning foods as well as maintaining the initial heat for the following cooking, saving energy.
  • Time required to heat chamber filled with cold water from ±20°C to ±90ºC: ±80 minutes if the thermal transfer fluid is cold (less if filled with pre-heated water); Next loads approx. half time when all liquids and metal are already hot.
  • Sides and cover are isolated with fireproof fiberglass and aluminum sheathing.

Digital, programable control unit

  • German control unit Aditec MKA-120 allows precise programming of cooking time & temperature.
  • Optional manual probe to measure core temperature of large pieces and perform temperature delta cooking.
  • Programable delayed program start at any desired time & day.
  • Control unit mounted on separate switchboard with 7 m cable.
  • Buzzer to alert at the end of cycle.


Links of interest:

Talsa makes a video to publicize its hydraulic stuffers


On other occasions we have talked in this blog about Talsa, a manufacturer of machinery for the meat industry, as an innovative company with continuous investments in R+D+i.

Talsa has been completely renewing its website for a while with a permanent content update. Its English and Spanish versions have already been updated, pending some sections of the versions in French and German.

Hydraulic Stuffers

Talsa recently published a video, which can be found below, about its range of Hydraulic Stuffers.

In the video, we can see an explanation of the benefits and functionalities of this range of machines.

They are 4 models available of Hydraulic Stuffers, the F14s – F25s – F35s – F50s that correspond to different capacities and benefits.

In the corresponding section on Talsa’s website, under Hydraulic Stuffers within the range of machinery, we can access very complete and updated information on the advantages and the distinctive and technical characteristics of the different models, as well as some photo galleries with images of their most outstanding details in both standard equipment and optional equipment.

The entire range is designed to allow easy access to all its components, facilitating its use, maintenance and cleaning.

A very interesting distinctive feature, which can be seen in the attached video, is the start and stop of the engine with the knee through a comfortable lever without using your hands.

All machines are manufactured and optimized to obtain a lower wear of its components, lower noise level and a very adjusted temperature and electrical consumption, giving a longer life to the oil, the pump and the hydraulic group.

After reviewing all the information and technical characteristics of Talsa’s Hydraulic Stuffers, we can affirm that it is the world leader in its sector.

Access to «Catalog of Hydraulic Stuffers«

TALSA, committed to “Security”

TALSA, committed to “Security”

Talsa is a world leader, high-end manufacturer of medium range machinery for the meat industry.

Talsa has been a client of Aitana Multimedia for years, and it can be said that they are one of the first and best clients of the company. Since then, many projects have been shared and a lot of conversations have taken place on new technologies they are experts on.

Apart from having a great business vision, Talsa, through its web, has developed and implemented an Intranet through which all commercial distributors work and from which orders can be placed and incidents be attended to, following a quality policy established by the company.

Its web has been updated to the programming language PHP7 for security reasons. The latest version of PHP establishes new codes able to be executed in most operating systems and interacts with the most popular web servers, being oriented to access information in web sites data bases. Its code is invisible to the browser executing only the order from the server and sending back the result to the browser in HTML, allowing some free space for the programmer.

Additionally, a safe server has been provided that certifies authenticity of the site identifying it. Its domain corresponds to the entity attainment, this being identified by the CIF certificate and the SSL protocol, ensuring that the communication between the client’s browser and the server remains encrypted and so offering a safe traffic with safe confidential information on-line.

On the Internet nothing is completely safe, but updating programming codes and using all the tools available presents a barrier and a safety argument that marks a clear difference compared to those who do not do it.

Providing a good service to clients, external partners or distributors and facilitating methods is a step towards an easier and faster management, to provide immediate response to orders, replacements and problem solving. This leads to commercial loyalty and trust.

Talsa sets in motion an ambitious internationalization project

talsa internationalization project

Talsa, an European company and world leader manufacturer of medium range machinery for the meat and cold cuts industry with over 100 years experience, has set a goal for 2018 along the lines established last year. Its main objective is to consolidate its constant evolution in the international market they have experienced for the last 5 years.

Its international expansion plan includes among others the following actions:

Asistance to international fairs

Last year, they took part in the PROCESS EXPO 2017.

Web Site promotion

Talsa has a web site in 6 languages that is constantly updated. The objective is to promote it with SEO in different languages, mainly English, French, German and Spanish, in order to advertise itself through the Internet and make their machinery for the meat industry known, as well as all its latest updates. Therefore, it relies on professional services to manage their SEO internationally.

International Marketing Plan

Apart from the aforementioned web promotion, Talsa counts with an international marketing plan that includes online and offline communications and publicity in international media.

International commercial network

Talsa, with over 100 years on the market, knows the importance of having a close relationship with actual and potential clients, which is why its commercial network is in constant activity around the globe, including the most important fairs of its sector.

Talsa is an European company committed to innovation and technological progress and during the last year it updated a great part of its machinery range for the meat industry:

  • Fillers/Stuffers.
  • Mixers.
  • Mincers/Grinders.
  • Cutters/Choppers.
  • Cookers/Kettles.

Without any doubt, 2018 will be a year of important growth and consolidation for Talsa as a reference in the international market as a world leader in the meat industry.

New Advanced Professional Cutter – Talsa K200

New Advanced Professional Cutter - Talsa K200

Talsa Places a New Machine on the Market.

Talsa, a world leading company in the fabrication of machinery for the food industry and an example of constant innovation for over 100 years, has just launched to the market through its wide international distributors network a new cutter with innovative features.

New Advanced Professional Cutter – Talsa K200

Designed in 2017, with a capacity of 200 liters and advanced functions, this cutter for the meat industry is the most advanced in the market at the moment and the one with the biggest capacity of all the Talsa range. Talsa can offer machinery for 15, 30, 50, 80, 120 and now 200 liters capacity.

The new Talsa cutter K200 is a solid all stainless steel machine with a weight of 3,500 Kg and multiple functions that can be checked out at Talsa’s Website. It counts with a variety of options like additional knife heads, specially designed knives, etc.

Talsa’s new cutter (cutter mixer) K200 is designed for all types of cuts, for big cold cuts companies and industrial processors, and is even adequate for a wide range of products such as poultry, fish, confectionery, vegetarian, etc. Talsa’s cutter K200 cuts, mixes and emulsifies all types of food products with different textures, no matter how thick or fine they are.

R+D+i on the new Talsa Cutter K200

The development of this new and innovative machine for the meat industry has been the result of an R+D+i project in cooperation with the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the Universidad Politécnica de Valencia, centered on the reduction of vibrations and sound. The innovative design of the Talsa cutter K200 is the result of hours of investigation.

Talsa, as the innovative company it is, places itself once more at a leading position in the sector.

PROCESS EXPO, the global food equipment and technology show,®

The International Show on Food Equipment and Technology.

Between the 19th and the 22nd of September, Chicago (USA) will celebrate the PROCESS EXPO, one of the most important international shows on equipment and technology for the food industry.

The show brings together over 500 exhibitors, which include processors for the food and beverage industry and the most important equipment developers from around the world. Sectors such as meat, seafood, poultry, diary, bakery, prepared foods and beverages are present on this exhibition, owned and organized by the FPSA (Food Processing Suppliers Association). Here, all the latest technological advances on equipment and food technology can be seen, with an expected attendance of over 15,000 people this year.

Talsa, world leader of the food processing industry, will be present at the PROCESS EXPO.

As has become a tradition for Talsa, the world leading Spanish company on the manufacture of machinery for the food industry will be present on this important international show with its own stand.

See Talsa’s link on PROCESS EXPO

Talsa will take advantage of this important international event to present the public with its latest development in machinery for the food industry, the Advanced Cutter Profesional K200e, with a high capacity of 200 liters and state-of-the-art technology.

With its innovative design, this cutter is the strongest among the range available at the moment for the meat industry. For more information on this machine, please refer to Talsa’s website or download the PDF file of the K200e.

Talsa is a member of the Food Processing Suppliers Association FPSA.

We wish Talsa success in its participation on this year’s edition of the PROCESS EXPO.

Year-round service to our distributors – TALSA

Year-round service to our distributors – TALSA

Some years ago, the preferred time by many to take a holiday break was August. However, this tendency is changing, and with it the service that must be provided to all clients so they feel their needs are met any time of the year. Especially for those who decide to take a break on a different month in order to enjoy places avoiding crowds and lines.

Knowing your needs will be met any time of the year is what brings customer loyalty, and it is an important point to consider when choosing a provider. Being fast and efficient dealing with problems or being able to provide the spare pieces immediately is something all clients are thankful for. That is why even small companies and freelancers now work during the common holiday time.

TALSA is a world-leading company in the manufacture of medium-capacity machinery for the cold cuts industry. Its years of experience have ensured a deep-woven management system with strict quality control standards.

In its 4000m2 of factory and warehouses, Talsa can store machinery and exclusive pieces for their machines, which allows them to reduce delivery time to 1 or 2 days, even on holidays. The delivery takes place through the most appropriate means for the occasion given that Talsa distributes worldwide and counts with renowned agents with preferential conditions. The machinery doesn’t usually need spare parts, but in case a part is needed, it will be delivered on the same day if the order is placed before 5pm or via TNT Express Courier any day of the year.

Talsa delivers through its distributors and its intranet is constantly updated to meet their needs, requests or answer any questions by email immediately.

The cold cuts industry has found in Talsa an ally in the supply of parts for their machinery or any other immediate solutions.

Happy summer!


Talsa Meat/Food Mixers – Manufacturer of Machinery

Talsa Meat/Food Mixers, Manufacturer of Machinery

Talsa is a manufacturer of high-quality medium capacity machinery for the food industry. Its brand is already well known globally and its sales are performed with a strict selection and through its distributors, which operate according to quality and management norms stablished by the company to offer the best sales and immediate maintenance service, complying with European health and safety standards.

Not only does Talsa take care of its products and pampers them, but also walking around its manufacturing plant makes one realize the security measures taken, the cleanliness of its facility, how the administrative management works and the importance given to express transport service with 365 days of immediate response. All of these features make Talsa a benchmark company to take into account.

Among its stars machines are Talsa mixers with 30, 65, 80, 95, 165 and 275 liters capacity. Their characteristics are described below:

–  Completely made of stainless steel.

– Exclusive patented dual-armed paddle system: while one arm stirs the product from the bottom to the top of the bowl, the other arm simultaneously stirs it from the top to the bottom, thus reducing mixing time by half.

– Mixture does not rub against the bowl.

– Pneumatically assisted opening head.

– Auto-stop when head is raised. Tilting bowl for easy cleaning.- Resistant transparent cover with holes for adding mixture.

– Wheels for easy movement.

They offer two models: one with one motor and the other one with two motors, which correspond to the economic and professional models.

Through its distributors, Talsa sells its machinery to the Food and Meat  Industry companies.

In its web site, the entire machinery catalogue can be found as well as the technical characteristics of each machine. If you are interested on becoming a distributor, you can do it through the application form in the web site.